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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


If the Hartford Insurance, Traveler's, Bank of America and all of our other major employers announced tomorrow that they were leaving Hartford. Is that the goal of Councilman Cotto and the "Occupy Hartford" organizers? Are they trying to send a message that their "greedy" excess types aren't welcome in Hartford?

In a City like Hartford where Councilman Cotto and his cohorts on the Council have placed an unfair burden on every person and company doing business in Hartford, what is the message they are trying to send? And what is the message being taken away by those same businesses? That they are not welcome here, leave and take your jobs with you?

Hartford and its "leaders" should be working together to strengthen the business climate and encourage job growth and development, not throwing rocks at the employers that employ a large part of the regions stakeholders. How about a business considering a move to Hartford? What kind of message does this send? We'll take your money through taxes, but other than that you aren't welcome?

I really wish the new Council, of which I am a candidate, will start focusing on making Hartford a better place and not use the people of Hartford as a means to grandstand. I use the word "leaders" lightly when I speak of leadership in relation to Hartford. It is something that is sadly lacking and we need to start using some common sense to once again build Hartford and actually create lasting sustainable jobs.

Spitting in the face of our corporate partners, whether you agree with their "profits" or not, does not make for a climate of commitment or future growth. There are plenty of other cities that would welcome some of our corporate neighbors with open arms, not protests.


Anonymous said...

In all the time I've been reading your blog, you have never said anything positive about Councilor Cotto or his ideas. Do you not like him?


If he does something positive I'll be sure to mention it.

Mike Lupo said...

No duly elected politician should be out demonstrating at events like this. Do they not have enough real City of Hartford business to take care of? This reminds me of the Avery Heights strike when our so called "Political Leaders" were on the picket line for months.

By the way, for those of you that don't like your current local politicians, Election Day is not far away. Let's make some substantial changes to save Hartford.

James Higby said...

I'll say something positive about Councilman councilman the last 4 years of the term has done more for himself and his family and friends then Councilman Cotto.

loose charge cards said...

Cotto is a grandstander who likes to see his name in the media.

I wish Cotto would explain the court suit " chase bank usa verse cotto" filed in the superior court as well as the reason why he left the employ of the Charter Oak Culural Center.

peter brush said...

We'd certainly be better off, if only marginally so, if we could replace the WFP guys on council with Republicans or Dems who at least understand, appreciate, what it takes to operate a for-profit business in this town. (Not to mention understanding what it takes to be a cop here.) It's not a matter of liking or not. Clearly Cotto detached from reality.

Anonymous said...

I STILL have no idea what this movement is about. Companies make money, that is their purpose. Do they have a ton of cash in reserve and are holding it while they wait for a more stable business environment? Yes. Could they use it to create jobs and innovation? Maybe. There are too many unknowns and variables in the mix right now BECAUSE of the liberal agenda and they just don't feel that there is any security right now to invest in labor and innovation until expenses are more predictible. So they will do their jobs (wait) until the business climate is more stable and some of the unknowns are resolved.

The idea that a group of people feel that they can "bully" private business into making rash decisions that are not in the interest of the business or the stockholders just goes to show how little the "protesters" understand about how business works or operates. If a group of MBA's, CPA's, or even, god forbid, attorneys out protesting, this would get peoples attention. Because they are supposed to understand how it all works and that would be significant.

A group of patchouli wearing, left wing nuts with nothing to do (let me guess, 'jobs' are giving into the 'man' so they can't have one so it frees them up to spend their time this way) marching around going on about how "business is evil" is not only laughable, but it's downright idiotic.

Brookman, you didn't go far enough with the title. Fortunately, companies know what cards they hold and what they can or can't do. Listening to rabble who can't count to 20 without taking off their shoes is not one of them.

Anonymous said...

What about the Mayor's commitment to be business friendly. Cotto must if missed that memo along with any dress code ones. Oh that's right certian Hartford politicians like to make deals then break them, just ask the Govenor and Shawn Wooden. Cotto is just following Pedro's lead.

Anonymous said...

A tried and true We The People recipe: mention the targets name a couple times on a random rant and let the dogs loose.

peter brush said...

Dems who at least understand, appreciate, what it takes to operate a for-profit business
"This is exactly why we need this Consumer Finance Protection Bureau that we set up that is ready to go," President Obama said Monday. "This is exactly why we need somebody whose sole job it is to prevent this kind of stuff from happening. You can stop it because if you say to the banks, 'You don't have some inherent right just to — you know, get a certain amount of profit. If your customers are being mistreated ... you have to treat them fairly and transparently.'"
We will be poor, but at least "tran-sexuals" will have access to the ladies room.

peter brush said...

He's detached from reality,too. WFP should endorse East Hartford genius.
“They see the inequities that exist in this country,” Larson explained, “and the point is that even an advanced democracy like ours — the Constitution says, ‘We the people, in order to create a more perfect union.’ We’re not there. It’s something that continues to evolve.”

In turn, Larson said, developing democracies will look to the activities of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement to understand how democracies pursue that evolution.

“We have to make sure that as Tunisia, as Egypt, as frankly the whole world starts to look at how free people think and feel, that [they] understand that it’s an evolving process,” said Larson. “It just doesn’t happen overnight.”

Read more:

Wavy Gravy said...

Peter, exactly what is so good about reality anyway? Reality is over-rated when one lives in one of the most mis-mannaged and poorest cities in America.

Anonymous said...

Kevin - Instead of offering your analysis of the occupy wall st. movement, you chose instead to focus on Louis Cotto and to speak of the burdens placed on business. Small businesses are not part of the 1% - mid-size corporations are not part of the 1% and therefore are not the target of this movement. I hope you are following the info provided on the website


Anonymous, 6:43PM,

No, I am not following their website and really have no interest in following it. I am more interested with issues facing Hartford and it's people and all of it's taxpaying businesses, both large and small.

Councilman Cotto might want to focus on some local issues rather than grandstanding to national groups who cocnsistently use him as a pawn to further their agendas.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:30 -- If they have a ton of cash in reserve and are holding back so that a bsd economy can sink Obama in 2012, I think that is something worth protesting about. They have the power to turn the economy around and are choosing not to use it.

peter brush said...

exactly what is so good about reality
I remember you from New Mexico. Weren't you the guy driving the bus down the ski slopes at Santa Fe Ski Basin? First, I didn't know you were a Romney. Second, I hadn't known you went to Hall High or that you ran a club here in Hartford.
As to reality, it is certainly problematic. But, government programs aimed at solving all the problems through coercion, taxation, and programs have done nothing over these many decades to make Hartford a better town. Ken Kesey and you Pranksters were not out to change the world, to redistribute wealth, to make Hartford a politically correct ghetto. And, you were certainly not the incoherent, anti-semites like the folks demonstrating today. Free love, dropping acid not bombs, much more concordant with free markets than with government planning.

Anonymous said...

Again, Kevin, you miss the point. The problems Hartford faces are not unique to Hartford. In order to effect change in Hartford, stategies based on a clear understanding of the dynamics shaping the economy are needed. Part of that dynamic - what protesters are calling attention to - is that 1% of the population controls the wealth and therefore has the power to control government policy. Hartford is no different than any of the other cities where "occupiers" are calling for change. Our fate is inextricably tied to decisions made by the 1%.

Rich Wareing said...

Anon Oct. 7, 11:31 AM, what exactly are the changes the "occupiers" are calling for? Are there specific policy proposals? I try to stay up on things but I can't seem to find any clear agenda beyond "calling attention to" what the occupiers consider to be the problem.

Rich RINO said...

Mr Wareing they are tea party types protesting your traitorius activity in conspiring with the socialist Democrats