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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


With a little over a month to go until the municipal election, it seems like hostilities in the Registrar of Voter's Office may be close to the boiling point.

It is no secret that the three Registrars, a Democrat, a Republican and a Working Family Party member seem to have a problem working together. It apparently started when WFP Registrar of Voters Urania Petit successfully won election as the first third party registrar in the state.

The Republican and Democrat registrars had enjoyed the sole control of the Registrars Office for years, and the WFP upset the balance of power.Not just in Hartford, but in most towns the Registrar of Voters Office is considered the last bastion of political patronage.

Since being elected, Petit has considered herself an outsider in the office, and she testified to that at last years budget hearings before the Council. Although technically all three share equal responsibility in power, that is not the case in Hartford.

On several occasions lately the Democratic Registrar, Olga Vazquez, has resorted to calling the Hartford Police to complain about the actions of others in the office, and in most instances her complaints were against Petit. No criminal actions have been found though, and other than political babysitting, no other action has been taken by police in regards to the Democratic registrars complaints.

The Mayor's letter is below:

Mayor's Registrar Letter 0001


Anonymous said...

it is too bad that the D and the R fight so hard to keep the WFP registrar on the outside. Urania has done more to promote voter involvement and education than the other two registrar's have done their entire time on the taxpayers dime. Keep fighting Urania, you are making a difference and the other two can't hide their dirty deeds in the shadows any longer with you watching

Anonymous said...

We need a new ROV on the D side of things....


The same might be said for the R also.

It might be interesting to see who has registered more new voters, D, R or WFP? Probably WFP

Anonymous said...

At lease the R ROV knows the election process for the most part. The D ROV is clueless, and the WFP is shut out of the whole process. There needs to be a change

The King said...

Olga is completely ignorant. I can't believe she is in this position

BB said...

My hat actually goes off to Mayor Segarra for the letter. It's not a motion of aggressive discipline that most may want to see, but at least he's respectful and on the right track.