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Sunday, November 20, 2011


Homicide number 25 for the year was recorded last night after a 19 year old man was shot and killed on the 2000 block of Main Street. That is the third homicide this week after what had been a quiet period.

A perfect time for the Mayor and Council to continue those HPD budget cuts, we still have time to catch up with New Haven, they are at 30 for the year.


Capital flunkie (Jared) said...

There are certian things in police work you can't stop from happening you might be able to delay it but if someone wants to kill another its just a matter of time. But, when you tell the residents that crime is down using bogus crime numbers and knowing the most violent crimes are up is dusenginuious. Now with three homicides within 51 hours and a couple of shootings and stabnings mixed in Hartford is back to it original form. With the budget cuts to the pd and as time and money are running out who are the politicians going to blame. DKR is gone and the dept. is a sinking ship with no true leadership it's not going to get any better. They the Council and the Mayor cut the funding to the PD eventhough the Mayor cried public safety all during the election lets see what he does after he gets back from his vacation. The city will never emerge as a destination spot unless he gets a handle on crime. He's got a long punch list to accomplish when he gets back and he needs to get it completed ASAP. If not you'll see the Gov. Start throwing his weight around,

peter brush said...

If not you'll see the Gov. Start throwing his weight around
In reality we are probably wards of the State anyway. Our local guys get to play big shots pretending that half the budget doesn't from outside.
It would seem fundamental and critical that the cops be properly managed and motivated. If the City can't pull it off bring in someone who can.
Not at all confident that present Governor has any particular management expertise despite his arrogance, but perhaps beggars can't be choosers. I wouldn't mind receivership in the least if it were to mean better management. But, you ask, what about democratic principles? I wouldn't mind in the least.

peter brush said...

I don't mean to suggest I've changed my mind about which governmental entity is primarily responsible for conditions in the Nutmeg Capital.
And, even when the State half-acknowledged its responsibility for the schools , taking over the show in the nineties appointing its school board, the end result was not necessarily an improvement.
On the other hand, while I'm not in a position to know how bad the p.d. may be, the fact that there is so much concern seems to me further evidence that our recent charter change to "strong" mayor not particularly beneficial.

Anonymous said...

The mayor is committed. DKR is almost gone, better times and a new direction is coming. Be patient. Everyone will see.

Anonymous said...

It is time that the crooks in the City become afraid of the consequences of their actions. There is no fear of the police. I don't mean to be abusive but I do mean that hard nosed policing needs to be done to get the streets under control.

Bernie Sullivan, Joe Croughwell and even Bruce Marquis realized that tough but fair policing was needed to take care of business.

When criminals were out of control Chief Sullivan came to roll call and gave thr troops marching orders. They were protect the legitimate citizens and lock up the criminals.

When the gangs were running wild Chief Croughwell let the police do their jobs without the usual political nonsnese. He took the heat, most of the time.

Chief Marquis was once so ticked off at the non stop violence he directed police officers to "roust em" and lock them up.

Midnight basketball is not the answer, neither is nice guy tactics. Bad guys, felons and violent criminals respect only one thing and that is strength and power. Take off the mittens guys and start knocking some heads in.

Too many recent murders and to much street violence.

Joe Pepitone said...

What is the record? Can we beat it this year? Let's go Hartford!!!!

peter brush said...

November 23, 2011

Two young men, both recently released from prison, were ordered held on high bail Tuesday after engaging in what was described a "wild west" shootout on Enfield Street Monday afternoon.
What the Hartford cops have to deal with. If pols and chiefs are not willing to let them engage in robust mitten-less head-knocking the non-criminal minority here in town disadvantaged.

Anonymous said...

Those two thugs who were recently released from jail are perfect examples of persons who need intense supervision and hard nosed policing to remove them fromthe community. One punk was out of jail for 3 months and the other for 3 weeks.

You don't need a sociologist to figure out that these guys are criminals through and through. The phrase "throw away the key" was made for them.

Anonymous said...

Was Panagore serious when he was on channel 3 the other day? What a boob, if you really understood what he was saying you know that will never work. How come they aren't looking at the Fire OT. He won't have to worry about next year if the roumors are true, the only sad thing is this bag of s&@t in a suit will walk away with a healthy pension, the same pension they are trying to gut for fire and police, as well as paid health care.

Bruce Rubenstein said...

The Mayor is cutting the police budget at a time when Hartford is not safe for its residents.Hartford is down about 75 cops and more Mayoral cuts are on the way...that is one of the major reasons for so much crime and murders here.

The mayor thinks that is is more important to move the Corporation Councel's office one flight in city hall to the tune of 250k then use that money to hire more cops...

The next time you or a loved one or a friend is held up,mugged,shot or murdered..thank Mayor Segarra.

Anonymous said...

The Capitol City is constipated, and the back-up only got worse after the last election. Stop the pet projects, and focus on priorities. When you go to the emergency room you treat the person bleeding before the one with a headache. Mayor YOUR City is bleeding profusely and you don't know it--perhaps you do and worse yet, you do not care.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see that the Mayor can find time to de. Tire truck and go ice skating instead of tackling the real issues that face him.

James Brown (good god) said...

Kevin now that the first round of holidays are over and we are awaiting the Xmas parties to begin what would your wish list be for the "elected Mayor" to accomplish for the city of Hartford and what do you think the political landscape will be in the near future, rumors abound about Pedro's deal and the power struggle between a vetran councilman and his freshman challenger for council president?
Please make your resonse your next post on the blog I am sure you have a lot to say. Thanks