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Friday, November 18, 2011


After a quiet period, the second homicide of the week occurred last night at 1995 Park Street in Hartford.

The shooting victim died this morning after under going surgery for his wounds.


peter brush said...

Mental health experts from Connecticut Valley Hospital have recommended that a Chaplin man who killed his wife in front of their five-year-old boy be released to a Hartford treatment center to finish the remaining 10 years of his sentence.,0,6275282.story
With a hat tip to Willie Sutton, I say the reason we have so many homicide victims here in the Nutmeg Capital is because here is where the killers are.

Anonymous said...

Among other things, stronger police presence needed.

Anonymous said...

NO matter how many police are hired transferred back to the street or shooting teams created, the police cant be everywhere at all times.

Anonymous said...

I would agree with that; however, it is safe to say that, with the amount of homicides in the city to date, there is a real public safety issue.

There are some things wrong in the city when there are that many homicides occurring. We can't just blame others and not take responsibility. I'm not saying that police alone can eliminate crime altogether. Rather, I'm saying that it is a police/public safety function to incorporate problem-solving techniques to deter crime. It is not that officers within the department aren't working hard to do so, but the effort that is being made is not effective on this issue.

There have been reports and numerous comments about the mis-management and low morale with in the department. Given those comments, I don't believe the department is operating to its full potential.

The term "Stronger Police Presence" could have different meanings. It could mean hiring new officer's to put on the street, it could mean getting rid of officers that aren't doing the job and just there to collect a paycheck, or it could mean both.

Anonymous said...

why is a Chaplin man recommended to be transferred to Hartford? This is the root of the problem. Where do those "mental health experts" live?, certainly not in Hartford.

peter brush said...

why is a Chaplin man recommended to be transferred to Hartford?
It may not be the explicit policy of the State, but the effect of policy is to make the towns, and especially Hartford, the dumping grounds for criminals, mentally ill, and maladjusted. Could a recently released prisoner from Somers legally move to Simsbury? Sure, but land use regs make it pretty unlikely as a matter of practice. Can't tell how many violent criminals may be in your zip code, but the sex offender registry is an indicator. Last time I looked there were about 200 sex guys in my zip. The cops are in place not to make the town a safe civilized environment, but to keep a lid on it, and send the bad guys back to prison as needed.