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Thursday, February 9, 2012


I'm paraphrasing here, but what is that saying ... "insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result" ?

It is interesting to see Hartford's Chief Operating Officer David Panagore "tweeting" that he is at the Market at Hartford 21 today working to reopen the market. Panagore tweeted "Just reviewed a proposed new lay out for a market at the #Hartford 21 space; looks promising & good, much smarter & efficient"

Didn't Mr. Panagore also review the first proposal before handing them $400,000 of taxpayers dollars for a failed market? Has Mr. Panagore suddenly taken classes in "grocery store 101" ?

His "tweets" also stated that he "In over at the market working the effort to re-open with the folks from Northland, go #Hartford"

Is that the same Northland that forced the YMCA out of their building on Jewel Street with the promise of of a high rise "luxury" condo development? Is it the same Northland that shut down the Goodwin Hotel? Or is it the same Northland that is in the process of foreclosure on a few of their downtown office building for defaulting on the mortgages? Or maybe the Northland that forced many small businesses out of Pratt Street with drastic rent increases.

And while we are at it, Northland has been so successful with reestablishing retail in the XL Center mall, we should all quickly follow their plans. I know, I know, they are waiting for the "right" tenants.

Maybe we could get references from the previous Market at 21 operators and they can tell us how much fun it is to spend the taxpayers money.

I know I would love a trip to Hawaii this time of year, maybe pay off a home mortgage, even remodel a restaurant, all fun things to do with a loan from the City of Hartford, ....if the price is right.


James Brown ( good god) said...

Is he going to bring coffee and donuts too. Oh my bad that was at the occupy Hartford site that he said wasn't city property, and this was a guy in charge of economic development for the city, no wounder it's in the crapper.
As far as his statement for the city being in a 54 million dollar short fall maybe he can start to reduce some of that by getting rid of his four assistants. The bow tie needs to go his track record is as good as coming in fourth in a three horse race, he's bleed the city enough and to think this bag in a suit will get a pension well beyond any cop would get and to top it off paid medical, what a scam artist that's why Jaffee hangs out with him, birds of a feather flock together. Maybe bird season can come early.

Anonymous said...

He's also the guy who wanted to sell the city's on street parking to a private developer even though that has been a total disaster in Chicago.

James Brown, he really needs those four assistants. How else can he try to run everything in the city?

By the way, when the redevelopment agency voted to move its meetings his staff said that before they could vote staff wanted to consult him to see if he wanted to move the location of the meetings.

Anonymous said...

Anyone hired during Eddie/Matt Hennessey's reign had to be either stupid enough to be rolled, coerced or charmed by Eddie and Matt into whatever they wanted, or corrupt enough to go along with whatever they wanted. David Panagore is not corrupt.

Anonymous said...

D Panagore,
is a property of Eddie Perez and Matt Hennessey, they imported the failure from Massachusetts and Pedro keeps him alive.

James Brown (good god) said...

If you don't think Panagore is curropt you should find out what happened at the Capitol when he was testifying in front of the bond commission. What he asked them to do was illegal and he thought because he's was " the Bow Tie" he could go up on Capitol Hill and tell them to violate the law. He was almost arrested and escorted out of the Capitol, cape and all. The city leaders were also told that he was banned from coming back and the mayors chief of staff had to come back and do damage control.
Another embarrassing moment in the city's history at Capitol hill bad enough Eddie did enough damage with his grandstanding with Jodi. If Hartford wasn't the Capitol City it would be worse off than what it is and tumble weed would be blowing down main street.