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Thursday, February 9, 2012


Apparently last night a meeting was held at Burns Elementary School in Hartford regarding the sudden removal of the principal there.

According to "tweets" from a Hartford Courant reporter, she stated that she was barred from the meeting. According to her "tweets" Vanessa de la Torre stated that Hartford Public Schools Director of No Information David Medina stated "press would be a "distraction" and Kishimoto wants private time with parents".

I can understand why the media is less than welcome though. They might just question the leadership of Superintendent Kishimoto who was responsible for the redesign of Burn's School. Under Dr. Kishimoto's leadership as the then "Assistant Superintendent of Redesign" in 2008 Kishimoto was responsible for the hiring of the Principal who she now just removed.

Maybe "transparency" has a differnt meaning in Medina's world. Hopefully the new Board Members can find a better use for that wasted salary and remove another Perez puppet. Does Medina really think barring the media will prevent information from getting out?

If you would like to check out how David Medina earns his six figure City of Hartford salary, check out his blog here. In the true spirit of transparency though, I think it would be a safe bet the link won't work shortly


Mr King said...

David Medina is a complete waste of taxpayers money. If you have ever had the "pleasure" of talking to him you would see how clueless he really is. He should have been fired long ago.

Quibble said...

His blog is just like his head. Empty....