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Thursday, November 15, 2012


Here we go again, in an Administration that talks constantly about transparency, apparently they don't want the media to be part of it.

Mayor Pedro Segarra's Media spokesperson  recently put a lid on City Hall employees answering questions or providing information to any media people or journalists. In an e-mail circulated to City Hall Staff, Segarra's spokesperson  Maribel La Luz  stated "If any journalist e-mails or leaves a voicemail, please let me know before responding,If a journalist gets you on the phone, tell them to contact me directly with their request. We need to be aware of developing stories. Thank you for your cooperation"

In a building that leaks information like a sieve, this may prove to be a difficult task, as well as illegal.Former Mayoral spokesperson Sarah Barr had issued a similar order that all FOI requests and requests for information had to go through her and Corporation Counsel at the time John Rose. I complained to the FOI Commission that filtering information and documents unnecessarily delayed the release of Public Information as required by the FOI Laws.

After a hearing , the Commission agreed with me and determined the policy was illegal and Barr and the City were ordered to stop.

I can understand that Mayor Segarra wants to control his message and the propaganda coming out of City Hall, but what do they have to hide. Everything conducted in that building is Public information and with some people in City Hall with a conscience, the information eventually will get out.

Ms. La Luz might want to take an FOI course to get herself up to speed on the Public's right to know. This is the public's business she is dealing with, not a press release for a Shakira concert.


Puerto Rican Socialist Party said...

Maribel should know better as she is the daughter of a noted puerto rican radical,jose la luz and shuld understand transparency.

Out in the cold said...

I am sure Pedro isn't behind this one it's the NEW "bow tie" who running the city with boy blunder. Nothing changes, they duck and doge, deflect and blame but its never their fault nor do they take responsibility for anything. Hopefully Pedro enjoys this tem because after Minnie "the felon" Gonzalez has shown her true political affiliation he can expect to be on the outside looking in, the man on the hill is pissed and this city needs to tread lightly.

Anonymous said...

Pedrito is looking like the fool he is, his new coo is promoting the bf and propaganda director, Mija I'm from New York La Luz(What an Oxymoron,"The Light")is about to put a lid on transparency.

this don't look good!

Anonymous said...

La Luz has a reputation of treating her employees like SH^&.

Ask the folks at the printing/mailing office. The mija has a Major, I'm from New York attitude, just like the big girl @ MECA.


B awared of the Viboras a round you, Man.

FED UP said...

Perhaps if Pedro had not hire all of his best friends, he wouldn't have to put lids on public information. Look at who he is letting make decisions for him. He needs to stop cutting ribbons and start doing a little more work in his office and then he'll know what's going on. It appears that there is a race between the HFD and the HPD and since that was not bad enough, now his office staff has join in on the race. What a shame. No matter how discreet, someone always spreads the news. Pedro wake up.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God if Civil Liberties see the article on Pedro's lid , Mr Mayor will be in trouble...All citizens has the right to free speech. City employees are also citizens so the lid won't work.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mayor stop letting chief O O run the show. She will make you fall off your chair. The chick is already getting you in trouble. Watch it Pedro,she might have her own agenda. Remember that "There is a thin line between love and hate"

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget the profound damage the new COO, former city manager inflicted on Mike Peters' reputation.

If I recall correctly a decade a ago the new COO was the front page at the Courant for major, inefficiency and the patients are running the insane asylum motif.

Damm, we don't learn!!

Con~o, Pedro, Ese wake up, man.

City Employee said...

Mayor Pedro, Sandra is not your friend, she is setting you up for failure, you are going to remember what happen to Mayor Perez, when he toss his people aside, he ended in court, so becareful, you might end up being his cell mate. The same people that he put his trust in, were the same ones that set him up.Sandra and her husband do not like hispanics. So watch out there will be more to come in this saga. No sea un bobo. Open up your eyes and ears.

Anonymous said...

The mayor can now kiss that judge ship away. My sources tell me the goernor is not happy with Mr. Mayor. And that land deal nonsense will be opened soon. I wonder who the fall guy will be??????????

Anonymous said...

Maribel La Luz stated "If any journalist e-mails or leaves a voicemail, please let me know before responding,If a journalist gets you on the phone, tell them to contact me directly with their request. We need to be aware of developing stories. Thank you for your cooperation"
If they need to be aware of developing stories they can read "We The People".