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Sunday, November 11, 2012


Saturday November 10th was the birthday of the United States Marine Corps and downtown Hartford played host to several hundred Marines attending the Marine Corp Ball at the Hartford Hilton.

From Wikipedia, The history of the United States Marine Corps began with the founding of the Continental Marines on 10 November 1775 to conduct ship-to-ship fighting, provide shipboard security and discipline enforcement, and assist in landing forces. Its mission evolved with changing military doctrine and foreign policy of the United States. Owing to the availability of Marine forces at sea, the United States Marine Corps has served in nearly every conflict in United States history.

 It attained prominence when its theories and practice of amphibious warfare proved prescient, and ultimately formed a cornerstone of the Pacific Theater of World War II. By the early 20th century, the Marine Corps would become one of the dominant theorists and practitioners of amphibious warfare. Its ability to rapidly respond on short notice to expeditionary crises has made and continues to make it an important tool for American foreign policy.

The Marine Corp is an organization rich in tradition and pride and their birthday is celebrated annually with huge fanfare by Marines. I am proud to say that my father was a Marine and I currently have a nephew serving in the Marine Corp on active duty. I can't call my father a former Marine, even though he has passed away, because he made it clear to us "once a Marine, always a Marine" and he made that clear by flying the Marine Corp flag at his home, a tradition that my mother still holds today as she makes sure the red Marine Corp flag is flying in front of her house.

It was an impressive sight to see hundreds of marines downtown last night in their "dress blues" and it was also impressive to see the number of people going up to them and saying "thank you" for their service.

The Hartford Courant also had a great story today about the scrifices some of these young men and women have made for our country, you can read that story here.

As a sidenote, no Lieutenant's were harmed in the celebration of this event

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