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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Sometimes I think City hall is full of masochists who just enjoy getting slapped. All  indications are that another solid slap will be on the way soon for the Administration of our City.

This one seems pretty clear but I really wonder what the motivation is or what any possible justification can be. This involves Hartford Police Officer Robert Murtha. Murtha has already won a long court battle with the city after he was terminated, wrongfully according to the State of Connecticut..

The decision cost the City hundred's of thousands of dollars in attorney's fees and back pay, interest and benefits and settlements for Murtha. Now the City is exhibiting their ignorance once again.

Murtha, who completed law school and is actually an attorney is entitled to a 7.5% pay increase as part of the Hartford Police Union's agreement with the City of Hartford..
 The City grants a 2.5% bump for an associates degree, a 2.5% bump for a bachelor's degree  and another 2.5% for a Master's or Doctorate degree. As an attorney, Murtha has his Juris Doctorate degree and has passed the bar and actually practiced as an attorney.

The City of Hartford is apparently refusing to grant Murtha the pay bump, even though according to sources, the raise was signed off by Chief Rovella.Human Resources Director Valda Washington, who has apparently been terminated herself, issued a terse response when questioned by the Union as to why she was rejecting the raise. "it  is my decision and the decision is final"

This will most likely end up in court and will cost the city large amounts once again.

Is it that hard to actually do the right thing or does vindictiveness run the operation

To read more about Murtha's earlier win against the City, click here


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me??? After all this guy's been through they STILL wanna F with him? He's a cops cop and came back with a great attitude and commitment despite what city hall did to him. Give him the bump for gods sake. Will they EVER learn???????

Anonymous said...

I don't usually like to see people fired but kicking Valda Washington to the curb was a wise decision. Not many of those come out of the Hartford administration. I can't help but wonder if Valda is related to Patricia Washington the HR director in the city a decade or so ago??

Anonymous said...

No relation to Pat Washington.

secore supporter said...

Murtha is a good dude, handsome too. For the crap he was put through, I guesss he will have a big sack of cabbage just like the hulk is gonna get. Hopefully when the feds take control, this crappy city government will run better.

Anonymous said...

What is Corp Council jealous that Rob has a law degree that's not in Real Estate?

I guess it's ok to give out fake bonuses to friends but not do the right thing and give him the pay bump.

Kevin, please let us know when the city loses this one too. It's clearly personal against the guy because of his win against the city.

patiently waiting(with popcorn) said...

Wen da feds do come, everyone will know Robles was not the only one. They can't burn all the time cards. There will be a lotta early retirements if they get here before year's end. Guarantee it!!!