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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Much information is coming to light regarding Hartford's fiscal problems. Not all of the information is worthy of a full posting, but some items will be posted here so people can start asking questions and figuring out where their tax dollars are going.

Apparently the city is required to make a bi-weekly contribution to the City Pension fund, the city has not made those payments since last August. That should raise some eyebrows among City employees who contribute to the fund,. Are their contributions  helping to fund the now-banned ESI bonuses?


Too poor to pay attention said...

You wonder why the city is up shits creek, the newly appointed COO is earning an astounding 167 k a year plus collecting a pension of 55k for a grand total of 229 k a year paid to this hack. Don't think the ESI bonuses are gone, if you read what the minutes of he council say it was referred to committee then a public hearing, so they ill still be around, because the Council will be hurt also, so they might change but they won't go away.

Anonymous said...

I am a city taxpayer that live, work and paid taxes to the City of Hartford, while the newly appointed COO makes $229 and she doesn't even own property in Hartford. With this kind of Income she should at least be paying back top dollars,that is so unfair to all Hartford taxpayers. That's a disgrace and then she call herself a dedicated City of Hartford resident. She's an embarrassment to all women who are trying to makes ends meet and bring up their children, pay their high taxes and they make less then her. she should be kissing the Mayors feet, for allowing this nonsense's.

Anonymous said...

It called my attention what "anonymous said" of appointed COO not owning a Hartford property. I thought she did owned a Hartford property. But taking a look at public records it seems that she no longer own her house. What I found interesting is that her fiancee shows as the owner now. Hum! And she earns $229k a year? What is going on?