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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The Hartford City Council Monday night postponed a vote on the appointment of Saundra Kee Borges as Hartford;s permanent Chief Operating Officer. According to sources, councilman Alexander Aponte appeared to be the only solid yes vote for her approval. Councilman Joel Cruz was apparently on the fence and may have been a second yes vote .

Issues over the enforcement of an ordinance prohibiting double dipping by retirees prohibited from returning for more than 6 months played a role. Councilmembers said that the lack of management of the City for the last few months since David Panagore left was more of an issue than the retiree issue.

The Counccil will most likely take up the vote at their first meeting in May, although it appears that there will be little movement in the vote tally

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Anonymous said...

How can SKB continue to serve as acting COO? According to the Charter:

"the mayor may designate an individual to hold a position in an acting capacity pending the selection of a nominee, but no person may hold such a position for more than six (6) months without being submitted for confirmation by the council."

Anonymous said...

Come on now, you know they don't care about the Charter. They flaunt the rules and hurt the little people, they give democrats a bad name, or is this what's the New Democratic Party is about, taxing and spending like drunken sailors all the while their bellies and their wallets as well a their friends wallets get fatter and fatter, while the worker bee gets the shity end of the stick.
They all need to go and Hartford needs someone who is for the city, Shawn Wooden that was a terrible display of leadership Monday night. You looked lost and scared, you should of called the vote and started to right the ship but due to your incompetence the ship will drift aimlesly amongst the Rocky shore waiting to crash, and to think you cold of saved the Titantic.

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand when I retired the city made it cleared to me that I couldn't hold any other jobs with the city. Thats the citys policy. Other issue I have is the city says it has no money but they are hiring a outside agency to look over the policy. Why have a council

Anonymous said...

Isn't SKB putting her pension in a "lockbox" while she is re-employed? As long as she is not paying into the pension plan again, it shouldn't be an issue.

Sandy triple dips said...

Dear Anonymous 11:49- SKB's competancy is in issue.There are a number of scewup's which came from department heads that she either ordered or agreed to, and for those,she should be fired.

In addition,the Auditors have stated that she is working in city hall illegally.

Anonymous said...

Enough with double dipping, what is wrong with the council? She has violated the laws, credit cards mis management, and much more people dont know about . With less that those violation others had been fired. Why so much consideration to COO?
Hum,sounds bias!

Anonymous said...

Sure Attorney Aponte, is part of the UNIONIZED group of the corrupted attorneys, voting to keep COO SKB would only benefit him, he should have known better or is he not familiar with the City Ordinance Laws; unless that Aponte is looking to cash in like SKB.

Shawn Wooden, WHY KEEP HER??? bad move, that doesn't said much for your future, if you decide to run for Mayor in the near future. You are not there to protect SKB, you are there to help the TAXPAYERS, Get rid of SKB, she is working illegally as the facts has been proven.

You are allowing her to continue to milk the the city out of thousands of dollars, while she mismanages and continues to make bad decisions.

As the City Attorneys, She has shown to use poor judgement in hiring as well as representing the City, she is selfish, ignorant, incompetent,She cannot be trusted. she should have known that she was illegally working and didn't say a word, she is not NEW to the City, she has been there before so there is no excuse. And still you are allowing her to stay an double dip.

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? Just do the right thing, for the sake of the City's future.