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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


That is the question being asked by many people that have been calling me. Apparently the answer is when the resignation is that of Mayor Segarra's Chief of Staff Jared Kupiec.

Kupiec announced his resignation almost two weeks ago after a series of missteps and embarrassments causing much stress for Segarra and seriously drawing Segarra's leadership into question. Even though Kupiec announced he was leaving, there has been no "departure date" set. Leaving the date open has many asking if he will be gone next week, maybe six months from now or longer.

More and more it is starting to look like an attempt by Segarra and his Public relations image crew as an attempt to deflect criticism and draw attention away from "Mayor Caviar" by announcing the problem child was heading out, until that happens I'm not buying it.

You can't really blame Kupiec though. For someone that has never really had a long term job during his adult life (adult being a descriptive term only in this case) giving up a six figure gig might be a tough move. With his track record and in the age of Google, where will he go.

In the meantime we are still gassing up his City SUV for his Happy Hour runs.

Law school was the explanation concocted again by the image crew, but normally that requires planning. taking the  LSAT's, applying to law schools, and of course the getting accepted part. None of those things happen overnight. But you have to admit it sounds a lot better than saying he was forced out.

A request for clarification of Kupiec's departure date from the Mayor's Office has not been received.


Anonymous said...

When it cost the tax payers double the money: 2 chiefs of staff (Kupeic and Furgeroia) and 2 acting coos (SKB and Ilg). Really, Pedro? Now, I see why you can give the little people raises.

Pissed in DPW

Anonymous said...

He is looking for a new job and he needed to buy himself more time.

Also pissed in City Hall said...

To Pissed in DPW

I sympathizes with your concern, only in the City of Hartford, and under Pedro's leadership, it's that this kind of nonsense's happens. Pedro has no consciences of what he is doing and neither does his staff or the City Council.

Unfortunately, the ones that gets penalized is the poor Taxpayers and the lower class City Employees. I would love to see Pedro's staff trying to do one of the DPW positions for a day.

I definitely would like to see Pedro, Jared and Sandy take off their expensive suits and ties for those navy blue uniforms and steel toes boots, take a ride around in one of the older Sanitation Dump Truck, picking up the garbage for a day. I can assure you that they will not be feasting on caviar after that.

Pedro has no idea as he only cares for his friends and office staff, in his Elite group who are in his seem league; its' so very sad and so very wrong. He has no compassion for the Taxpayers who put him there and his employees whom are actually carrying out the everyday task so that the that City can run smoothly. Without the little people the City would not be where it is today.
Look at the bright side, Pedro and his staff,of the Elite corrupted group of attorneys will only be around until his term expires and you will hopefully still have your job. DPW is the department that is keeping our city well groom. So heads up you guys and gals, everyone is doing a wonderful job.

As for a raise, I doubt that it will ever happen. Pedro's has spent the City budget on the extra Chief, COO and Deputy Fire Chief and a few others, list to long to name.

DPW thanks for a job well done.

Jeff said...

Not to seem political or what not but this is what you get when you continue to vote liberals in. All they ever do is appear to help people but in reality they leach off the system and fatten their pockets with abuse of P-cards. Does the quote still hold true for liberals "Do as i say, not as i do?" And the only ones that vote the libs in are those also leaching off the system. Take someone collecting welfare and city aide, if they are currently taking in $3,000/Month and a free home, what motivation do they have to go out and get a real job????? a real job would pay about minimum cause they lack education skills and even at 40X 8.25 x 4 they would make far less than their welfare and benefits. keep voting them dems in Hartford, soon enough you'll be New Englands Detriot

Anonymous said...

To all DPW workers. My hat is off to all of you. With what you have for management it's amazing you can make it through every work day. These people don't give a rats ass as to your condition. They only care to get what they can and to hell with you. Get people who care about the staff and not about how big their pensions will be and it will be a better place and work conditions and morale will improve. With what you have from the director on down, it's surprising that there hasn't been any issues unless they have been swept under the carpet so as to protect their incompetency as management.

Anonymous said...

To Jeff

Since the Welfare Reform Act of 1998. The City of Hartford hasn't provided welfare/city aid to Hartford residents. Welfare assistance is provided by the State of CT

Who can live on $8.25 an hour job, when you have to paid for the high cost of rent, utilities and food.

The ones leaching the system is Pedro, Jared and Sandy, abusing the city budget every which they can.