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Thursday, June 13, 2013


It seems that Hartford's Finance Director Julio Molleda has finally figured out why he is being paid his six figure salary. He didn't do it with the p-cards, he didn't do it with the travel policies, but now apparently he is stepping up to take on the Registrars of Voters Office.

 In Molleda's defense, maybe he finally took the time to actually read the Charter of the City of Hartford to understand what his job  requires.

The Registrar of Voters Office has been a problem when it has come to living within their budget. As elected officials the Democratic Registrar doesn't seem to have understood that she really is a Department Head and responsible for maintaining and living within her allotted budget. I single out the Democratic because the long term Republican recently retired so his lifetime paid medical and his pension are secure. The Working Families registrar is very rarely, if ever , allowed in on spending decisions and has been very vocal about this in the past.

Molleda's letter claims that no further expenditures will be allowed to the Registrar's until the new fiscal year begins July 1st. Unless the Registrar's and their staff are going to assume volunteer roles, this would mean that the Office will need to shut down until July 1.

Molleda's letter to Vazquez is below.

This might just be the wake up call for Vazquez to be forced to realize she needs to actually be a manager. In the meantime, the unelected staff in the Office will be forced to live without their regular paychecks until July 1st.

More to come on this I am sure.   Only in Hartford


Anonymous said...

How unfortunate and narrow minded some in power are.
When the office of the Registrar, in a Presidential election year is stripped of $180,000 of their requested budget how can they possibly conduct the business mandated by state statutes. Last year they conducted multiple primaries, a special election in the 5th district and the presidential election. They had to revisit counsel multiple times to request additional funds to conduct the tasks which they are mandated to do. We are a long way from the days of mechanical voting equipment. Today there is electronic voting equipment, backup equipment (battery backup and spare tabulators), paper ballots, privacy voting stations, and maintenance on the equipment (serviced multiple times a year) all of which costs money. The number of people to set the polling locations up and the people needed to sign voters in, distribute ballots and insure the tabulator is functioning for the 20+ locations throughout the city is a small army of workers. As one former employee would ask,”What is the cost of democracy”? Even if the state paid for some of the new, mandated equipment, there comes a point when the city needs to take over and pay for the election ballots, a moving company to transport the equipment and supplies to the voting locations and back and the people that make Election Day happen. The Registrars office once had Registrars, Deputies, and Assistant Registrars, 8 or more office workers maintaining the voter’s lists and assisting with the needs of the office. Today 8 people make up the entire day to day staff in the office. The state will continue to hand down mandates as to reshape the election processes. Some will have limited funding others will not. Regardless, the registrars will have to implement and budget for them.

The office of the Registrar is there to insure and maintain fair elections and to register those eligible citizens so they can vote. There was a point in the history of our country where strong arm politicians adversely influenced elections to get their private agendas met. Hartford is trying to return to those days of old. Recommended revisions to the charter would allow for the appointment of a single registrar. Today, we elect registrars, to insure and protect our right to vote and to maintain a fair and equitable election process for the citizens of our city. Failure to adequately fund the Registrars office or worse yet, the appointment of a single registrar will only erode and contribute to the failure of the fair democratic process we know today. The Registrar of Voters office knows how to create and budget for elections and how to conduct those elections. They should be allowed to do so without being strong armed by the Mayor and the Common Counsel.

Millhouse said...

How will anyone know if the Registrars Office is shut down?

Anonymous said...

I normally take your side on issues related to city government, but the comment about six figure salary is in the same category as George Bush not knowing the price of a gallon of milk.

Most department heads in the our city, like others, make far less then the equivalent private sector positions. Julio's private counterparts may make $300k plus bonuses and stock options. City service is service, but not a free service. To get quality leaders the city has to pay a fair salary.

While you often point out those who do not earn our trust or salary there are many who could have taken other jobs with higher salaries and benefits.

A little fairness to those who work hard, earn their salary despite difficult (I.e. working with COO or CofS) conditions deserve our thanks.

Anonymous said...


What if the lights are off and no one answers the phone!!!!

I really don't think they can do that according to law.

But you'd have to check with a lawyer.... Oh wait Mayor Caviar is a lawyer, but is he a smart one!!!!

Anonymous said...

Spong Bob said

With only 18 percent of the city residents even voting why do we evrn spend any money on these clowns?

Anonymous said...

the Republican registrar is still on active payroll until his official retirement starts in september. who is going to stop his paycheck from being sent out?

Anonymous said...

He is no hero. He is a crook just like the rest of Pedro's cabinet. Really?

Voice of Reason said...

The city must pay its employees that's unless they want their stupid ass dragged in to court over a wage and hour claim.

See the problem here is that the Mayor and his staff, from the COO to all the Dept. heads need to take responsibility or this runaway train. Where was Julio when the registrars office was nearing its budget cap, a sleep at the wheel. So, don't just blame the registrars office look long and hard in the mirror you so called leaders and share the blame.

To whip out the charter when it suits you is not good mgt. and turn a blind eye to it when it doesn't isn't good mgt. or leadership. How about this maybe these salaries at city hall should reflect the tax base, why is west hartford's registrars of voters only making about 40k a year when Hartford's is making over 70k a year, really Cops don't make that much.

In the end Olga will go whining and crying to her buddy Ken " I don't know what I am doing" Kennedy and hell go to the rest of those other Idiots who call themselves council leaders and they will bail her out again,and if the Mayor says no they will just override his veto, so as the saying goes the more things change the more they stay the same.

Hartford you are doomed because of your inept leadership and mgt.

Oh by the way Ken: don't think for one minute the state will allow you idiots to go bankrupt or into receivership, your the Capitol city and the good Gov. wouldn't allow it, that would embarrass the State as well as him and believe me when I say this you all will be gone before he allows that to happen.

Anonymous said...

In response to Sponge Bob,
It is the politicians, campaign workers, constituent services for the politicians who are responsible for getting electors (voters) to vote. Not the registrars.
The registrars are responsible for getting eligible citizens registered so they can vote. The registrar is charged with maintaining the list of voters, their affiliation and where they reside within the municipality. They notify other registrars when individuals move from or into their cities or towns to insure the elector is only registered in one place for voting. The registrars are responsible for getting the voting equipment to and from the polling (voting) locations. Setting up and taking down the voting equipment. Ensuring the equipment is maintained and programmed properly for each of the locations. Registrars are also responsible for training the poll workers and set up crews for the primaries and elections they are mandated to conduct within the municipality.
Knowledge is a very powerful tool, without it, inaccurate statements are made and wrong and bad ideas are conjured in the minds of many. Some believe, because one person says that is how it works or that’s how it will be, that that is gospel. Without knowledge and understanding the upper floors of city hall believe the office of the registrar does nothing for the City of Hartford. If only 18% show up on voting day it is because of the politicians and their shortcomings, not the office charged with providing a place for the voters to elect those who corrupt and misinform the public. The public needs more education on the registrars roll and TODAY’s voting process, they also need to ignore the politicians telling them about what the registrars don’t do. Registrars provide the place, politicians are the ones who get the voters out.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous about comparable salaries in private sector: puleeze. These people would not make it even to an interview in the private sector!!! Theyre misfits! Really! Just such dilberts! Theyre sooooo lucky that theyre getting THOSE salaries!

Anonymous said...

There are some good and informative details in these postings about the Registrars functions, but I do not understand why Mr. Molleda has anything to do with this issue up to and including signing this letter. As Director of Finance, the budget is out of his area of control and he was most likely told to produce this letter by someone else. Hartford has a Director of Management, Budget, and Grants that should be ultimately responsible for departmental budget review and analysis. Where is Mr. Sanchez?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous June 17, 2013 at 12:14 PM

It so right, M&B has analysts assigned to each department, they should be monitoring monthly balances and should have brought this issue up long ago!