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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Earlier today I posted about the Paula Altieri e-mail between her and Board of Education member Richard Wareing in which she stated her displeasure with the hybrid matter being played out in the media. She stated that her "brief" was only supposed to be for Siperintendent of Schools Kishimoto and Mayor Segarra. Altieri was upset that the document was "leaked" to the press.

She stated that she "did as directed to do in this matter".

Below is the e-mail as several people e-mailing me today have requested


Anonymous said...

Way to bury the lead! The real revelation here is that Richard Wareing is borderline illiterate!

Anonymous said...

Seems its pretty clear here what she was instructed to do, 'prepare a brief on hybrid'. Kevin, didn't you receive a copy of the school board memo from your source? If so, you know the source of the leak. Also one question stands out, what did you expect griffin and Altieri to do, did you expect them to keep quiet and cover up the matter for fear it might involve an 'elected official' which happens to be your pal?