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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


When you start going through documents given up as part of an FOI request, you never know what you will find. A couple of the e-mails that were provided as part of the package sent to comply with a Federal Grand Jury subpoena had to make me laugh.

A couple of the e-mails are below, but apparently someone at the Board of Education is concerned what "We the People" thinks of them. There in the file were copies of "We the People" blog postings that appear to be e-mailed to the Boards upper management team, including Paula Altieri and John Griffin.

As much as people say they don't read the blog, I am finding the opposite is true.

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Anonymous said...

Kevin you.can best believe Mayor. Caviar and his empty cabinet read your blog. You recently blogged about "We The People" had to fill out a form if we want the Mayor to attend a meeting, event or basically do his job and meet with the people of Hartford. You wrote about the newly hired scheduler, perhaps part of the "Schedulers" duties should be monitoring your blog and reporting to the Mayor what we the people think of his lack of leadership, his Charlie base decisions, his terrible appointments, his inability to be consistent, fair and most of all his need to screen the people's concerns and then the scheduler can schedule forums to address issues raised in your blog.

Yeah I know it's asking to much to expect a Mayor to meet with "We The People'!

Kevin keep up your diligence and your detrmination of asking tough questions, however expect more of the same; " riddle soup answers", same "Joke of an Administration".

Perhaps you can get some CIP money to fund your resesrch, after all CIP funds are being used fraudgently to fund Mayor Caviar' s whims and all of Puppet Master Charlie's demands.