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Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Hartford's Shooting Task has done a great job taking illegal guns off  ofHartford's Streets but there are still may other officers doing a great job day in and day out. Two of the unsung hero's happen to be Community Service Officer's in Hartford's South End. Officer's Teddy Sposito and Carlo Faienza  are two officers that epitomize community policing.
Sposito and Faienza are two officers that have built solid relationships with the Community and the business people in the areas they are assigned to  and those relationships have shown big results.
The information below is one example
On the listed date and time, Officer Faienza and Officer Sposito attempted to conduct a motor vehicle stop of an unregistered Oldsmobile Alero color white bearing CT registration 531XSF, in the area of 130 Preston Street. As Officer Faienza exited his marked cruiser, the operator of the Oldsmobile sped off.
Officer Faienza radioed to dispatch that he had a vehicle fleeing and refusing to pull over as he gave the suspect vehicle's location. Officer Sposito advised dispatch that the suspect vehicle blew out a rear tire while striking a curb and was traveling on three tires. The pursuit was terminated by a supervisor as the fleeing vehicle continued south on Fairfield Avenue towards the town Wethersfield
Officer Sposito advised dispatch the vehicle was smoking heavily, traveling on three tires, last seen on the Berlin Turnpike in the area of Jordan Lane. Dispatch immediately notified the Wethersfield Police Department via the hotline.
Officer Lawless of the Wethersfield Police observed the vehicle traveling south on the Berlin Turnpike in the area of Nott Street. Officer Lawless followed the vehicle south on the Berlin Turnpike from a distance. Captain DePinto was traveling north on the Berlin Turnpike at Prospect Street in Newington and observed the fleeing vehicle go off the road and crash at 2303 Berlin Turnpike.
The operator of the vehicle, Jeremy Kelly, fled on foot as Captain DePinto maintained a visual. Captain DePinto directed Officer Lawless as he arrived on scene and immediately apprehended accused Kelly. In accused Kelly's pant pocket was a loaded Beretta 9mm magazine. Kelly immediately admitted to Officer Lawless that a gun was in the vehicle.
 Further located on Kelly's person was one ounce of crack cocaine and $593.00 in U.S. currency.
Located in the vehicle on the drivers side floor was a loaded 9mm Beretta handgun (serial # BER266439Z) with a magazine and a chambered round . Two magazines and twenty-two (22) rounds of live 9mm ammunition was seized.
Officer Faienza and Officer Sposito were directed to the scene by Lt. Allan. Officer's Faienza and Sposito arrived and assumed the investigation with assistance from the STF who also responded. Officer's Faienza and Sposito arrested accused Kelly and seized all related evidence. Kelly was transported to the STF for de-briefing.
Great job by Officer's Faienza, Sposito, Lawless and Captain DePinto!
Accused; Jeremy L. Kelly, M/B/27 (09/09/1986), of 19 Summer Street Apt 1, New London CT.
Charges; Operating Unregistered M/V, Illegal Tints, Operating M/V w/o Insurance, Operating Under
Suspension, Engaging Pursuit, Interfering w/ Police, Possession Narcotics, PWITS Narcotics, PWITS > 1oz Crack Cocaine, Weapon in M/V, Carrying a Pistol w/o a Permit and Criminal Possession of a Firearm.


Anonymous said...

Spuds and Gotti have one upped the STF!

Anonymous said...

Carlo is a good man. He's one of the reasons I'm still living here in the South End.

Anonymous said...

Both Officers Carlos Faenza and Teddy Sposito are outstanding Hartford Police Officers and role models. They should be honored and awarded for all of their daily duties. All of us in Hartford's Southend are so lucky to have such great Community Officers.

Anonymous said...

Carlo and Teddy both take pride in the job and do a great job day in and day out. Keep up the good work guys.

Anonymous said...

The Hartford Southend can always count on there Commuinty Officers Carols Faanza ans Teddy Sposito. We thank you for all you do to keep us safe. Your are an outstanding safety team

Anonymous said...

Very nice to see great officers such as Faienza and Sposito recognized for a job well done and their continued great work. Just as it's good to see a person that has no business being a cop, let alone a supervisor, get called out. 60 comments no less on the previous Hartford Police supervisor post. You ever think that the comments here have validity to them? I do!

Anonymous said...

How about the great job the patrol officers did on Saturday afternoon when a woman was shot on Bulkeley avenue. Officers arrived quickly to the scene and according to AMR probably saved her life prior to being sent to the officer. And not to mention the officers who located the suspect driving away from the scene where officers gave a long pursuit that ended on Ellsworth Street where the suspect had to be fought in order for the gun that was used in the shooting to be taken away from him. Not to mention that he was a bloody mess due to him shooting himself in the face and was so high fought the officers like an animal causing the officers themselves being contaminated with blood as well.
Kudos to those patrol officers, they know who they are. The suspect was arrested , the girl will apparently survive and the police suffered no injuries. Sadly none of these officers were mentioned because they dont contribute to this blog. Well I am proud of all tose A squad officers. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the patrol supervisor should get the unusual out so it's seen? Maybe get to the PIO to get out? And of course, put the officers in for medals as should be done. Is that / was that done? First I've heard of it was here and then checked into and heard!!! Great job, but does no good if it doesn't get out there.
Kevin, you didn't pick up on this? What's up?


what do you mean I didn't pick up on it? How do you think it ended up here?

Anonymous said...

Mister Brookman, Not referring to your post on teddy and carlo, referring to anonymous at 9:42am's post regarding the patrol domestic shooting arrest the blogger is referring to!!!

Anonymous said...

You are still thinking of the Teddy Carlo incident. The REAL AWESOME job again was on SATURDAY. Look into it. The Officers got a gun off the street, and like the post at 0942 said a womans life was saved, a gun was recovered after a fight with several officers, the officers without the help of CSO's and STF blanketed two separate scenes and arrested the bad guy. But you see as always patrol doesn't get the credit. Some CSOs do OK but they are not humping calls all day on top of these types of crazy calls that routinely come in. Your buddy Chief Rovella never said a single word nor made an appearance to say job well done. Matter of fact I haven't seen the Chief in person since the new building opened. Its never about patrol and never ever ever ever was. Patrol always gets the shaft. Well at least I hear Chief Joe (real Chief material) was happy.

Anonymous said...

This is what I saw when I got in, it was what we received at our news editor desk from Hartford Police on Saturday at 6 o'clock:

At approximately 1:30pm HPD officers were dispatched to 77 Buckley Ave. on a report of shots fired. On arrival they found a 29 year old female suffering from several life threatening gunshot wounds, including shots to the neck and head. She was transported to Hartford Hospital. The suspect had already fled the scene. Witnesses gave patrol officers a description of the suspect and his vehicle.

Patrol officers initiated a city wide search for the suspect vehicle. Patrol officers located the suspect operating his vehicle in the south end of Hartford. Patrol Officers attempted to pull the vehicle over. The suspect would not yield to officers and engaged them in pursuit. Officers were able to deploy “stop sticks” (A pursuit termination device). The suspect was able to get his vehicle to his residence on Ellsworth St. As officers approached, the suspect produce a firearm, placed it to his chin and shot himself. The suspect was taken to Hartford Hospital with a life threatening GSW to the head. The suspect is identified as Pedro Morales D.O.B. 03/05/76, of Ellsworth St in Hartford. He is in critical but stable condition and remains in police custody. The suspect has no previous Hartford criminal history.

The female victim is also in critical but stable condition. The incident is a domestic violence incident as the suspect and victim had been together for 11 years.

HPD Major Crimes Division and Domestic Violence detectives are conducting the ongoing investigation. Charges are pending, based on the condition of the suspect and victim.

Anonymous said...

At anonymous at 4:53 PM....

Why don't you place the blame where it obviously is. Patrol this, patrol that.....maybe if certain lazy patrol sergeants did their job and distributed unusuals appropriately, people would know. Garth Perry was the patrol sergeant, problem #1. Problem #2, weaver's generic shitty unusual where he doesn't recognize anyone for any job well done and really makes the incident look like it was no big deal. Guess I'll have to ask around who the officers were and what happened. And I can guarantee you, neither one of those supervisors will put anyone in for a medal if it was deserved. So if you have an issue, maybe you should take it up with one of them.

Anonymous said...

This is the unusual:

Officers responded to 77 Bulkeley Avenue on a report of gunfire. Upon arrival they located a 28 year old female who had sustained multiple gunshot wounds to the head, neck and chest. The victim was immediately transported to an area hospital and is in stable, but critical condition. Patrol officers quickly obtained a suspect and suspect vehicle description of the assailant. The suspect was observed operating a box truck and followed to the area of 52 Ellsworth Street where he was taken into custody. Initial investigation revealed that the suspect had sustained a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head prior to leaving the Bulkeley Avenue location and he was also transported to an area hospital. The suspects weapon has been recovered and the suspect was charged in relation to this shooting incident.


Double Flush said..... said...

Time for Foley to flush the toilet.......again

9am last minute at & t j 4 klin said...

Yo Patrol is the backbone of the dept. But the certain disingenuous so called leaders here think it is the dumping ground. Please.

Yo The real men are patrol men who go to shovel this turd ridden city each day. I would love to see all these pansy csos and other posh units push some real calls for once.

Yo Could you imagine teddy in a car on mids? That would be a bigger trainwreck then that the marine unit having an actual swim test for the marine unit. What is the mayor fell in the river? Would shawn swoop in on the ski like a miami vice remake ?