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Friday, February 28, 2014


It is official, the Executive Director of Hartford Public Access Television , Billie Scruse, was terminated today .

After several years of running the station into the ground, one Board member described her termination as an opportunity for a new beginning.

I couldn't agree more


Anonymous said...

Billie had the version of whatever she was trying to promote repeated on air over and over. It turned Hartford off.
Good luck in your new endeavors. However, move forward and select a new career. It is apparent media/
reporting/communications is not a field for her to pursue.

Anonymous said...

Miss Billie was not so smart. As Hartford's Public Access TV Executive Director her job crumbled piece by piece. Let's hope the Board of Directors have a plan. It is an excellent TV show with so much in Hartford to cover.

Anonymous said...

Cannot wait until a new person or persons are selected. Hartford Public Access TV is a fantastic way to reach out to the Hartford community. However, run the program once or twice.