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Saturday, March 1, 2014


I realize the blog is a sounding board for many people both through the comments and the information that is passed on to me for me to look into.

I also realize the blog is a mechanism for transparency and exposing issues that would probably never see the light of day through the mainstream media..

I hope to continue doing that, but some of the comments , I think,  need to be regulated more. I will no longer post comments using names that are mocking or ridiculing other people.  The allegations of racism and other issues, attributed to someone else's name, will not be posted . Names depicting a racist principal or Police Sergeant  will no longer be allowed.

It is unfortunate that commenter's will use someone else's name, but probably have never gone to the person named and said to their face what they are willing to post here.It is time to act like adults and confront issues like adults do.

You may ask why the change? I was bothered by the comments recently depicting the Principal of Burns School as racist. Since she wouldn't talk to me the night of the incident, after I did more checking I found out several things that seemed far from racist.Apparently the Principal regularly sends students home with backpacks full of food for the weekends,  students that otherwise may not be getting fed at home. I'm not sure what the commenter's definition of a racist is, but that seems far from it.

If you have an issue, feel free to e-mail me  and I will attempt to look into your accusations, but they will not be posted here until I feel comfortable that there is proper substantiation.

Also, please try to keep your comments  to the topic being posted, or at least something somewhat relevant.The comments can still be interesting , but try to keep them dignified



RB said...

"...the Principal regularly sends students home with backpacks full of food for the weekends, students that otherwise may not be getting fed at home"

Perhaps you could investigate why,
With all the programs available, a child not able to eat a meal at home on the weekends?

Also, was DCF notified that these kids are not getting enough to eat?

Anonymous said...

It seems that there is something wrong with this picture. DCF says it is always beefing up their services.
There is suppose to be social workers in every school. Dose any one check up the students who need food on weekends? The Burns Principal is aware. Who pays for the backpacks and food for these students for there weekend meals? This just make no sense.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, I have always wondered HOW these so called starving kids live through the "SUMMER MONTHES" without nourishment. Wouldnt they show up 1st day looking bone thin and sick???? I just dont buy into it!!! My occupation puts in contact with these same people (ADULTS) who accept "handouts" and sorry to seem callous but the "majority" are overweight! So Kevin i gotta ask ,how do they survive June to August???

Anonymous said...

There are summer food programs that cover the summer months. Kids get breakfast and lunch. Recreation department sponsers it from a grant. Remember the cheap foods are carb laden and its not like these kids or their parents live in places where outdoor recreation is safe. For those of us that can afford fresh produce, healthy food and have access to safe physical activities remember " there but for the grace of God go I"

Anonymous said...

During the months June -August the inner city needy children are feed in Hartford Public Libraries, Hartford Parks, educational programs and at summer camps. Some serve breakfast too. Everything is free. Yes, plenty of the inner city children are over weight because who ever spends the food stamps in the households but cereal with sugar, juice boxes with sugar, candy and plenty of junk snacks. So there you go. Federal and State spending at it best. Oh and new back packs with complete school supplies are given to the needy children before they start school in September.

RB said...

Anonymous 3:58

NOTHING is free. Whatever somebody gets was paid for by some one. (Taxpayers).