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Thursday, February 20, 2014


Below are pictures of the parking space that Judge Santos apparently had made her threats to the officer over.
I can't see any markings on the space saying that it is reserved for "her Honor" or anything to indicate  that it was reserved.

Let me know if you can see anything I missed

Photos courtesy of HPD


Anonymous said...

Seriously the HPD had nothing better to do than take pictures of parking spaces?

Too bad they don't exert this kind of effort solving crimes or issuing tickets to people who haven't shoveled their sidewalks.

Clean up the ave said...

Hey stupid last commentor. About a third of the residents of hartford dont shovel their property. That is not a police issue. That is a city hall inspections issue. Whom would you suggest the police arrest? The peoperty owner who lives out of state?
The police are for emergency calls. Not for your hurt feeling because snow is on your property.
As for this issue, the judge has no right to say anything derogatory to a police officer. Im sure if that cop said something derogatory to you last commentor, you would go and cry to make a complaint.
Hpd has enough problems handling the morons in this city.

Anonymous said...

People think they are above the law because of their title. The Judge should watch was she says and how she says it to any human being. I do think she should be penalized for her out burst. However, I bet she will not. After all her hubby is highly regarded as a SAVIOR to many.
That is if you can afford me.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Judge Phillip Banks from Fredh prince of bel air ever had a parking spot