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Thursday, February 20, 2014


Lawsuits have been filed and the drone saga continues. Now a Bill has been introduced in the legislature  to regulate their use. The bill is attached below.

One question that remains though is how did the FAA get involved? The Hartford Police Department insists that they did not contact the FAA . A local television station reported that the FAA was investigating the matter, but the question now is who made the complaint? Was it one television station attempting to create a story to discredit their competition? We may never know.

Jim Peters, the regional spokesperson for the FAA, was unable to identify the complainant for me, but said it was not unusual for the agency to launch investigations based on media reports or media inquiries. Peters said that the 2012 FAA Reorganization and Modernization Act passed in Congress addressed the regulations of unmanned aircraft  (Drones) and policies are being formed to further address their use. Apparently their use over police scenes is of importance to both the FAA as well as the Law Enforcement community


Anonymous said...

Kevin you do you think it was Bo Bermen? He wouldn't do that would he? Well, let's see.... He does steal his stories directly from your blog. He stole your drone story, and sold it as his exclusive. But He's already done that to you many, many times. I wonder if his bosses over at fox61 know that's where he gets his stories?I wonder if he stole your drone story from you and then he reported it to the FAA? That's pretty much bush league, cheese ball, d-bag journalism. You don't think Bo would do that do you?


I would hope not, reputation is everything and that is hard to build or recover once you damage it, and I think it is Beau(rhymes with faux)