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Saturday, February 1, 2014


It is never a good thing to lose  $160,000 of your bosses money. Especially when that boss may allegedly be a drug dealer.

Hartford Police along with other agencies served a search warrant at a home  at 34 Pembroke Street in Hartford Friday evening. During that search Police recovered a Colt .38 Special firearm, ammunition, approximately 15 grams of crack cocaine, drug packaging materials and $164,700 in U.S. Currency.

The target of the investigation, a convicted felon,  Michael Fairnot DOB 4/17/57 34 Pembroke Street Hartford, CT. He was charged with  Criminal Possession of a Firearm, Possession Narcotics, PWITS Narcotics, PWITS within 1500 feet of a School, Operating a Drug Factory   ( PWITS= Possesssion with intent to sell)

It is difficult to lose $160,000, but I would guess that right about now, jail might be the safest place for Mr. Fairnot to be when his boss comes looking for his money

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