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Saturday, February 1, 2014


Crash scene on Brown Street
Photo Courtesy of Anonymous Source

The vehicle above is part of the results of an accident caused by a couple of convicted felons who were fleeing from the Hartford Police and members of the Shooting Task Force. That isn't entirely unusual but the convicted felons in the vehicle were  and when you finish reading, you will wonder why they were on the streets at all.

It all started when members of the STF were in the area of the Cleveland Cafe on Main Street. Due to recent gunfire in the area as well as a recent shooting, the area was getting increased attention from the STF. A minivan with New York plates attracted their attention and officers eventually conducted a traffic stop and  approached the vehicle in the area of 251 Asylum Street.

As officers approached the vehicle , they noticed the front seat passenger making movements and appeared to be reaching for something alongside the front door. As officers approached, the vehicle sped off and headed for I-91 South from Pulaski Circle. The van exited at the Airport Road exit. HPD Officer Parker  laid out stop sticks in an effort to deflate the vans tires and force it to stop. The van proceeded west on Airport Road and in the area of Franklin and Brown, the driver lost control and crashed.

The only injuries in the crash were to the vans 2 passengers,  Shermane Rose and James Canidate, The operator of the van fled on foot and despite the use of a Police K-9 to track him, the effort was unsuccessful.

Now here is where it seems to get interesting. Remember during the original stop on Asylum  as Officers approached the van they observed the movement by the passenger door by  the front seat passenger? After the crash, police located a fully loaded Luger 9mm Hi Point handgun in the door pocket , along with several grams of crack cocaine.

The real interesting part is that Shermane Rose was convicted of  Murder, Robbery and Kidnapping  in 2001 He was sentenced to 20-30 years in prison at his sentencing. I am not sure how long he has been out, but he definitely seems to have served less than 13 years on a possible 30 year Murder Sentence..  And not to mention running around with a gun and crack cocaine and eluding the Police.

Our Courts and the judicial system are failing us when they put violent criminals back on our streets after serving about one third of their sentence. The police can only do so much. Apparently they had already built a case against Rose that resulted in his conviction on Murder , Robbery and Kidnapping charges. I think it is safe to say they did their part.

What now for Mr. Rose? A few hours of Community Service? Gun control can only go so far if we aren't serious about getting convicted felons with weapons off of our streets.

The official release from HPD:

On February 1st, 2014 at 12:01am, members of the Shooting Task Force (STF) were conducting directed patrols in the area of Main Street at Cleveland Avenue. A blue Dodge minivan with a NY registration was observed traveling at a high rate of speed south on Main Street. Officers attempted to catch up to the vehicle on Main Street at Asylum Street. The minivan turned west on Asylum Street and went through a red traffic control signal at Trumbull Street. A motor vehicle stop was conducted in the area of 251 Asylum Street by STF Officers. When the officers approached the minivan, the front passenger made furtive movements as if he was reaching for an item along the side of the door.  At that point the operator accelerated away from the officers. Officers followed the vehicle to Pulaski Circle and onto Interstate 91 south bound and kept a visual on the vehicle from a safe distance. Officers advised via radio that the vehicle was exiting off exit 27 towards Airport Road. As the vehicle approached Airport Road, Officer Parker deployed stop sticks deflating the mini vans tires. The minivan continued west on Airport Road, across Wethersfield Avenue. On Brown Street just west of Franklin Avenue, the minivan lost control and struck one occupied vehicle and one parked vehicle. Vehicles were heavily damaged. The only injuries to occur were non-life threatening injuries to the two passengers in the minivan (Accused Rose and Canidate). The operator fled on foot and has yet to be located. Located in the passenger side front door pocket was a Luger Hi-Point 9mm pistol with a chambered round and magazine containing ten (10) live rounds of ammunition. Also located was several grams of Crack Cocaine.

Investigation will continue the investigation to identify the operator of the vehicle.

Both Rose and Canidate are convicted felons with extensive criminal histories.

Rose was convicted of Murder, Robbery and Kidnapping in 2001.

Canidate is a career criminal with 35 previous arrest (just in Hartford) dating back to 1993, with numerous Narcotics and Firearms related convictions.

Arrest #1: Shermane Rose, 34, of 21-23 Capen Street, Hartford CT.
Charges: Weapon in M/V, Criminal Possession of a Firearm and Possession / PWITS Narcotic charges.

Arrest #2:James Canidate, 37, of 4 Cornell Street, Hartford CT. (35 Previous Arrests)
Charges: Weapon in M/V, Criminal Possession of a Firearm and Possession / PWITS Narcotic charges.

Vehicle; 2014 Dodge Mini Van color blue, NY Reg GJB2881 (Enterprise Rental).

Shermane Rose

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Citizen said...

Tim van assaulted police twice with deadly weapons the second time police shot him 5 times with bean bags.he was back in his apt both times within a few hrs. Was not arrested either time.this man has a history of violence and is a known drug addict.

Marion greene forced his way into a tenants apt he was physically removed by the tenant.when the police were called they refused to arrest him. Whe. The tenant filed a restraining order grenes boyfreind donald routhier threatened the tenant in front of witnesses the police refused to arrest him. Mr. Green has been thretening the tenant from the apt accross the him the finger out the window walking in front of the tenants apt threatening him and showing up in several places the tenant goes. The police refuse to arrest him this man is also a known crack head and a known criminal

Last week a bike was stolen from farmington ave the police were across the street. When the police were aproached by the victim they told him they were on another call and drove away. Next day the men who stole the bike were walking down kenyon st.the police were called they never came

2 wks ago a lady sideswiped a mans truck in front of dunkin donuts a cop was sitting in the parking lot just feet away. When aproached by the victom he said he was on special assignment and drove away

Several years ago a man was trying to break in to a house on tremont st. A tena t who did not have access to a phone walked to mobil gas station a couple blocks away. There an officer was leaning against the walldrinking an orange soda. He said ha was on another call and drove away.

On farminton and south marshall at the laundry mat men openly sell heroin. One time i saw them selling while a police officer sat in plain view. He did nothing

On evergreen ave a cop was shot at by a man who quickly gave himself up. There were so many responding officers they were parked some 2 or 3 blocks away. In the same month a women was shot in the foot. Police did not show up 4 over an hour. Only two officers came. They put up crime tape one news camera showed up. When the news camera left they immediately took doen the tape and left they did not do anything obvious to investigate they didnt even look on the ground for a shell.

I am not suprised when citizens take things into there own hands.