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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Blogs come and go, people change jobs, writers lose interest, for a multitude of reasons the list changes regularly. I have updated my blog list in the right hand column. I have added Zach Jankowski's blog from the Yankee institute called "Raising Hale".

 His first posting highlighted is about someone that has been covered on this blog before, click on Raising Hale to read an interesting story about Hartford Politico and Segarra confidant Angel Morales. More should be coming out soon about  allegations lodged against Morales and what happened to those allegations and why.

Some of you may recognize Morales from his "model searches" at the Hartford Public Library.

 For more about Morales, click on a previous posting here or here .

Also WFSB's Dennis House has changed the location of his blog "the Hartfordite" and you can check that out by clicking the link.

If you are aware of a blog you think may be a good fit to be listed here, e-mail me the details


Anonymous said...

Kevin, Check out Capitol Report Angel Morales is a real piece of work. State Senator John Fonfara issued Morales payment of $5,000 in his 2012 campaign MMMMM...The Senator also approved a $5,000 payment to former Hartford Dem Town Committee member Lobbist John Larkin in the 2010 election. However, the elections enforcement caught Fonfara and he buried it quickly. It all comes out in the end. When will Senator Fonfara be shown the door. Another Career Politician who has never passed a bill. Apparently Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra thinks the world of Angel Morales. The Mayor stated at a fundraiser for Chris Murphy that Morales was an outstanding city resident and community representative. Boy talk about how Segarra is out of touch but anyone who really knows him know that he is a lier. He also gave big bucks to Morales. There's the good ol saying the more corrupt you are the higher you clime on the ladder. What is next for Angel Morales?

Anonymous said...

Morales is holding the secrets of Fonfara and Pedro, why do you think they keep giving him money, I'm sorry "Hush Money'.

Pedro is probably running to " Bank Charlie" as we speak. Hey Pedro your going to need a lot of money to stop this "train" and we all know Morales has No Morals and will sell it to the highest bidder.

Pedro's Weak Leadership calls for Hartford to be Strong, do not look the other way and empower anyone with information to come forward and help get Hartford back by exposing Pedro's lies and getting him out of office, we deserve better, we deserve a Strong Leader!
Hartford has been Flimflamed by this character and his cast of phonies.

Anonymous said...

Morales your exposed, do the right thing expose Pedro and perhaps you will gain a little respect for telling the truth, now there's a word you don't hear associated with these "guys".

Anonymous said...

Jared "grand theft" Kupiac takes a car and it's damaged he gets arrested, Pedro continues to misuse city monies and nothing happens, what's wrong with this picture. Someone some where has to care what happens to the Capital City. Pedro and his band of merry thieves have to go, from SKB and that midget Waller to all of the other incompetent leaches. All I see here are a huge set of double standards. Do as I say not as I do.

The predator said...

Pretty soon the touch of class and those parties with young boys at Pedro,s house,with angel morales attending will be known to everyone,stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Connect the dots, Morales a known criminal gets money from supposedly " prominent" men continuously, why? In the opinion of many it's to keep him quiet and connected to Pedro's shady past. Morales needs to step up and speak, he was a victim, not to excuse his behavior, unfortunstely abused people, abuse.

Anonymous said...

To The Predator, not the commentor, Pedro...
Oh what a. Wicked Web we weave, when we first practice to deceive!

Maybe Maribel and your "dependent" Cabinent should start practicing and drafting your response of lies, unless you plan, which is doubtful to tell the TRUTH. IF NOT STEP DOWN AND CRAWL BACK UNDER THE ROCK YOU CLIMBED OUT OF, COWARD. Fool did you say, you were correct people watching will know who the real FOOL is! Does Charlie allow mirrors behind the gates of hell? If so take a good look in them, because you Pedro are the FOOL.

Anonymous said...

There are no excuses for these criminals. Senator John Fonfara, Mayor Pedro Seggara, and Angel Morales must pay for their wrong doings. Will they pay? Or will Hartford politics proceed as always. All three have personal backings of power and money or they would not be in their positions today. Hartford taxpayers must protest NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Kevin i wrote about Fonfara's fake attack and the cover up that Anonymous 10:04 speaks of by Hartford Politics, it wasn't posted. He did what unfortunately a lot of people do, when compromised, blame it on the blacks. These criminals prey on minorities. Pedro now wants to surround himself and meet with the black community, when he said they (blacks) are greedy and want to much and he don't need their VOTE. The fact is both need the black vote. Black people need to UNITE and organise and get these CRIMINALS out and demand the respect they deserve.

I will sign up with any organization that works for justice and will not settle for the lies from these criminals and work on taking back the city I once lived in and love.

Anonymous said...


Once again, Thank you for what you do and putting your neck on the line to expose these people. Fonfara, Morales, Segarra and the rest that parade around the halls of power are morally bankrupt. Fonfara tried to coverup the incident when he was beat up and robbed by the male prostitute he brought into his home several years ago. Yes, prostitution, even when hiring a male hooker is illeagal but the Police Chief at the time helped cover the incident up. The Chief even took Fonfara to Saint Francis to have his injuries treated and they checked him in under a phoney name, until a nurse recognozed him and questioned the Good Senator. Morales has skated on at least three rape charges where he was accused of raping a teenage boy in the early nineties, HPD messed up on that one and the warrant "slipped through the cracks" according to HPD. And then a couple years ago when at least two young men came forward claiming Morales had raped them. HPD Investigated and found the complaints credible and applied for arrest warrants. Apparewntly the Hartford County States Attorney denied the warrants stating in the rejection letter that she didn't feel the boys were forced hard enough into the rapes. Imagine if that was ever said about a female rape victim? I bet if the truth were known, pressure came from Morales' buddies Segarra and Minnie for Hardy to back off. These things need to be looked into as how a predator is left on the streets to prey on young men.

Anonymous said...

Pedro did yoy hear that prostitution, both being one and patronizing one is illegal. Yikes, what will Charlie do? Wow what a "Touch of Class". Escorts are also illegal for 150 reasons.

Why don't you turn yourself into your private detail.Awww shucks don't bother, they will cover it up, just like the Chief did for Fonfara.

Can we get a States Attorney in this mess, the docs are out there, witnesses are out there, fed up residents are out there, PCards are out there, what does it take, someone please explain it.

Anonymous said...

Again and again thanks for all you do to open the eyes of Hartford taxpayers. Senator John Fonfara, Mayor Pedro Segarra and Angel Morales are three peas in a pod. State Rep Minnie Gonzales is her own worst enemy. She demands money and gets it. Senator John Fonfara's campaign resources have always funded Gonzales. That is the only way he gets re-elected. Fonfara plays very dirty and has been in the State Capitol for over twenty years. He must be pushed out. How can we make examples of them and put them out of business? The States Attorney needs our help.


Please keep the comments relevant to the topic and leave family members out of the comments.

Public and elected officials are fair game, family members are not and the comments will not be posted



Anonymous at 3:00PM, In theory, your comment about the State's Attorney makes sense, but keep in mind the way the system works.

For a state's Attorney or Judge to be appointed, they need to make it through the legislature's Judiciary Committee, of which Minnie Gonzalez is a member.

She recently tried to kill the re-appointment of a Judge who had signed a restraining or protective order against one of her sons. So if favors are requested for a predator, do you think they might assist to keep the system working?

This will all become clear as more comes out on this.

Anonymous said...

Minnie Gonzalez on the Judiciary Committee are House Leaders crazy. I guess so. Stay around long enough you will become the Speaker of the House. Stay tuned to more looney tunes.

Anonymous said...

Great point Kevin, thank you, I totally agree about topic and family members. Keep up the good fight Hartford needs a fighter, kudos to you.

I know you had high hopes for Pedro as did I, but his weak leadership, lack of vision and judgement as of late is so off the charts and pathetic, I almost feel bad for him. Who is guiding and advising him and why does he not have the common sense to not listen?
Is he not taking his meds?

My name is john said...

Pedro segarra shows uo on page 8 of the touch of class john book,as a repeat customer. For $150 for an hour in cromwell. The escort service featured gay and straight escorts and he used their service repeatedly.

Anonymous said...

Not Pedro who stated to Channel 3 regarding the video of the two women fighting on South Marshal ST; "People in the city need to move thier Moral Compas" and that he would work with Churches and the people, he didn't want to shock and upset people by showing the footage. Do you think that people won't be shocked and upset with your footage?

Is this a hypocrite or what, where was your moral compass when you were taking advantage of young boys, paying for sex and lieing about it. If My Name is John is correct about the payment, you committed a crime and you are a criminal.

You need to step down before this gets any uglier for you and the city. Do you need it in print to force you out. We don't need another Politician giving a press conference on how he hurt his family and is sorry for his "Moral Compass".

As to the Churches and Community they deserve a leader with a "Moral Compass".

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:29, we know what moral compass he was thinking with.

He must of rmistaken his predator compass for his moral compass on those disgusting occasions.

Anonymous said...

This deceptive, weak, lieing, criminal Mayor has turned the Capital City into a Capital JOKE!

Anonymous said...


Any update on Seggara and his secrets, I see comments posted on other stories about page 8 of the touch of class John book, documents, pictures and peeling the onionon his illegal activity. If this evidence is out there and he has engaged in criminal activity then we the people need to know and Seggara needs to be exposed.

Keep this story alive, even if he is not prosecuted, he needs to be prosecuted politically!

Thank you Kevin for shining a light on this man, who if true, is perpetrating a fraud and should not be in any leadership role in Hartford or any where else!

If you agree can you post on all the stories to reach those out there with any information to come forward and help Hartford.