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Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I'm not really sure what the mechanism is to enforce  or correct violations of Hartford's Charter. But at least Hartford's Internal Audit Commission is taking the first step to make that clearer.

The Commission today unanimously voted to file charges against Mayor Segarra with the City's Ethics Commission for failing to carry out his duties as required under the City Charter.

Specifically, the Commissioners are bothered by Segarra's failure to follow Charter requirements in the hiring of Department Heads.

The issue was brought to a head after a complaint filed with the IAC over the continued appoinment of Hartford's Director of Public Works Keith Chapman. Chapman has been in an "acting role" over the 6 month period allowed under the Charter. The key issue is, according to sources, is that Chapman refuses to move to Hartford as required if he were to accept the permanent position. Sources have also confirmed that Segarra has offered the permanent position to Chapman, but he has refused to accept it.

The Hartford City Council has authority under the Charter to Conduct hearings and investigate Charter violations but for some reason they seem to choose to ignore the violations and Segarra continues to violate the Charter requirements.

This one should generate some media attention, but also keep in mind that the Mayor appoints the members of the Ethic's Commission. They haven't paid attention to much that has happened so far, so I am not holding out much hope. Maybe it is time for a taxpayers group that might consider filing a Superior Court law suit to force compliance.


Anonymous said...

It's not in the City's interest to keep him in this role, period, point blank.

Anonymous said...

The. Council should also conduct hearings and remive the 10 plus violations of those recieving pensions and have extended their 6 months as well. Kevin be fair and equal to all violations!

The media will get this information also and wonder why that is pointed out. As you say, do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

That ancient slug Ilg has been there over 6 months to. Why hasn't he been made to live in Hartford?

Anonymous said...

Gee one can only wonder why people don't want to live in Hartford. Sandra lives in Hartford, how is that working out for us? Kupiec lived in Hartford, how did that work out? The council lives in hartford as does the mayor, need i say more? Truthfully I don't care where they live as long as they can save this city from the harm being caused now.

Anonymous said...

Why do we have a Charter and Ordinances, if NO-ONE engorces them as stated above, we have all these peopke recieving pensions and wirking some for years. I will not vote for any of these Council members, because they know it and council mtg after mtg, sit on their high horse and do NOTHING. As for the Mayor, he needs to be investigated, exposed and REMOVED!

Anonymous said...

As to Ancient Sug Ilg, the dellusional Mayor and his recycled team of idiots, he will justify it by saying Ilg was acting COO, now he's acting Finance Director. Hey Hollywood Delusional here's an idea, put Sanchez acting Finance Director, give him an ESI, which will be about 15,000 as opposed to 140.000, you know this cocept you had Kee Borges Acting COO, Acting HR Director, all while playing Corporation. Counsel. That was ok, right? How much do you owe her? tThose are called kick backs.

Bruce audit the ESI's plural she was getting, I gurantee there was some number fudging going on.

Anonymous said...


Can anyone file a complaint with the audit commission or request audits?

Any who can Mr. Rubenstein audit all employees who have retired and how long they have been here and are in violation of the Charter. This will be a Headline story, just like 2003!

Hartford looking bad to the state again!