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Wednesday, May 14, 2014


You can give someone the title of leader, but that doesn't necessarily make them one. Such appears to be the case of Hartford City Council's "Majority Leader" Alexander Aponte.

For a refresher, here is a previous posting  that caught Aponte up in a Federal Food Stamp Fraud Investigation

As a result of that investigation and the resulting complaint from the woman Aponte claimed as his client, Aponte and the Statewide Grievance committee accepted a deal to avoid further action against Aponte.

According to recent documents, Aponte has breached that deal and even bounced a check that was sent as restitution ordered by the  "Bad Lawyer Committee". The check was issued in July of 2013, and according to the documents, apparently has not been made good after it bounced.

Be sure to read the "Aponte Fraud Complaint" below and  it should put Aponte's actions into question as far as his integrity and honesty. Is he really someone we want to call a Hartford "leader"? Is this really someone who should have a leadership role on the Hartford City Council. Is it any wonder why voter turnout is so low in Hartford and why most people are so turned off with the system?

I would ask Councilman Aponte to do the right thing and resign, but it is pretty clear he isn't known for doing what is right. Maybe he should focus on his law practice so he isn't bouncing checks to his victims.

What is next for Aponte, a judgeship?

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