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Thursday, July 17, 2014


Hartford Council President and State Senate Candidate  Shawn Wooden has issued another press statement regarding his opponent today.

Statement from Shawn Wooden on SEEC Complaint Against Senator Eric Coleman

"After 31 years in office, Senator Coleman should know better. Elected officials should be protecting taxpayer money and following the rules, not wasting it and gaming the system. Using taxpayer funded mailings and state resources for a political campaign is just plain wrong. It's another example of why we need change in the State Senate." 

I guess he is trying to tell us he has filed an SEEC (State Elections Enforcement Commission) complaint against Senator Coleman.

Finally, Wooden's backbone must have arrived via UPS . It is good to see him fighting for a cause, I didn't think he was capable of that after observing his lackluster performance the last few years on the Hartford City Council.

I am glad he has chosen to go after  Coleman's campaign. He never complained about the caviar and New Year's soiree when they were made aware of it. He never complained about the money wasted on the consultants who brought us a Police Chief Candidate accused of DUI, when the perfect candidate was already here. He never complained about the abuses of power in the Mayor's Office and the COO wrecking a City vehicle and allowing someone to drive the vehicle that had no authority to be behind the wheel.

Where were the hearings on issues that he had every opportunity to call for? I guess he wasn't in a tough campaign then and facts didn't matter

I don't recall much of an uproar when Grand theft Auto Kupiec absconded with a City Vehicle and he was ready to stand behind the Mayor grinning like the Cheshire Cat to announce a Baseball stadium that he had no details of.

Yes it is good to see that Wooden may actually have a backbone after all. The only problem is that when you choose to stand up for a cause, it is probably a good thing to do a little research and make sure you are correct in your stand.

The fact of the matter is that the campaign piece in question sent by Coleman, under current State law, is perfectly legal.

Sec. 2-15a. Annual informational mailing by General Assembly members. (a) Each member of the General Assembly shall be entitled to send an annual mailing to each household in such member’s district, for informational purposes. The mailing shall be conducted under the supervision of the Joint Committee on Legislative Management and in accordance with rules adopted by the committee.
(b) In even-numbered years, no such mailing may be sent after July fifteenth. A member shall be deemed in compliance with this subsection if the member delivers the mailing to the offices of the Joint Committee on Legislative Management no later than said July fifteenth. 
Coleman clearly had to have had the piece in Legislative Management well before the 15th as require by State Statute to be arriving in his constituents homes on the 15th, so as you can read above , he followed the law.

Do I agree with the procedure, no. But as long as the letter of the law is followed, it is legal and a low blow to sling mud over a statute that any decent lawyer ought to be able to interpret .

This type of campaign is far beneath the integrity of the Connecticut Senate. lets get to the facts.

Mr. Wooden what are your plans if elected?

 I am surprised you are seeking the support of the Hartford Police Union after  you have decimated the ranks of the Hartford Police Department and under your "leadership" we have seen the ranks of HPD drop to dangerous levels that that promise to drop even further before your term on the Council expires. The Mounted Patrol now is basically non-existent due to your cuts, no new Police vehicles will be purchased this fiscal year because of your cuts, and Police Academy class after Police Academy class  has been cut under your "leadership".

Yet you were fully prepared to give away $60million taxpayer dollars with no questions asked

Now lets stop the nonsense and get to the facts, The residents of Hartford , Windsor and Bloomfield deserve that


desperate shawn said...

wooden is a desperate losing candidate who would sell us all down the river to get to his next office.

Anonymous said...

Wooden is incompetent, never asked mayor caviar any tough questions, explanations, nothing. Not the spendings, not the salary increases for the gang around the mayor (and the caviar), not the unauthorized vehicle use by the mayor's chief of staff, not the car accident of Segarra's best friend Saundra KB, not even hundreds of thousands in legal and consultants fee for a stadium that was never even approved. Nothing. Wooden is a major part of the problems we have in Hartford. Incompetent.

Anonymous said...

at least segarra created a $100,000 position for SKB toy boy and future fire chief

Anonymous said...

watch the photo, Mayor Caviar and Shawn Wooden with a big-big smile on their faces. what exactly are they laughing at? here's a simple answer: they're both incompetent, yet playing with public money, big money, the way they choose, the way they feel like. between the 2, who is a bigger liar? between the 2, who is more incompetent?

Anonymous said...

I'd say the caviar guy is totally incompetent. Wooden is just a puppet.

Anonymous said...

What are Segarra's qualifications to serve as mayor? What are Wooden's qualifications to serve as city council president?

Anonymous said...

Well Anonymous 8:38 we know Segarra recieved a diploma from the "Touch of Cass" and Wooden was well educated at " who am I school of i'm not ________, I just play one on TV.

They are both educated loosers who failed the course on how to determine non-fiction from fiction, thank God Hartford residents can and the fiction is out weighing the non -fiction by miles after miles.

Work on getting rid of Segarra and VOTE COLEMAN.

Anonymous said...

tell me honestly, what are these 2 brainless guys, Mr Caviar and Mr Wooden are smiling about? they're killing this city financially, they're bankrupting us

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:29 I agree. This incompetent duo will bankrupt us