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Thursday, July 17, 2014


It is sometimes ironic how one thing leads to another once you start connecting the dots, especially in Hartford.

A local resident today sent me the above photo of the former Hartford Medical Society property on Scarborough Street. The parking lot apparently has an abandoned boat dumped in the lot. I was somewhat surprised once I started checking on the ownership of the property to find that it was owned by the Jumoke Academy.Although the Hartford assessors website shows it transferred ownership from the Medical Society to Jumoke in 2009.The property is currently assessed at $1.25 million dollars.

It would be interesting to find out where the funds came from for Jumoke to take ownership of the property and if there was a cash purchase , where did the funds come from.

It is unclear if the purchase was affiliated with FUSE, the organization that is wrapped up in scandal and has pretty much lost all of its revenue sources now because of that scandal.

If the building is connected with FUSE, what now? Will it be attached by the State or City to reclaim any of the funds that appear to have been obtained by people using false credentials and misinformation to obtain contracts and funding.

And how much other real estate do they own? Apparently the non-Doctor Michael Sharpe was residing in an apartment that FUSE/Jumoke owned on Asylum Street. The details are shrouded in secrecy by FUSE as they have apparently refused to release any related documents

What else do they own and where will the funds go now?

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Anonymous said...

Does the boat come with the property ??