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Friday, September 26, 2014


The Hartford Police Department is currently being devastated by the high number of retirements.

Some of the retirements are good , some not so good as much of the valuable talent is being lost from all ranks and positions.

One of the retirements I find very troubling is the loss of LT. Lance Sigersmith. Most of you probably won't even recognize the name. Lance is a Hartford Police Officer that has served in just about every division and position at HPD. I don't think I have ever heard his name mentioned in a negative light, never a discipline problem,, but he has served the people of Hartford with dignity and integrity throughout his 20 year career.

Lance has served the last several years as the Supervisor of the Shooting Task Force and the Intelligence Division. Prior to that he was commander of the Major Crimes Division for several years and prior to that in Vice and Narcotics. Lance has been a mentor to many officers as they have risen through the ranks at HPD.

It is interesting to me to note that I have never heard anyone make a negative comment regarding Lance when I have mentioned his name. That is highly unusual and shows the regard his fellow officers hold him in.

Lance has a keen sense of "flying under the radar" in what to many others would be high profile assignments. His tenure as Commander of the Shooting Task Force has gone unnoticed by most, but has resulted in the high level of effectiveness due to his management and use of his resources to continue to take guns off Hartford's streets in record numbers. Sigersmith has built and nurtured a team that is highly effective under his leadership.

I first met Sigersmith almost 20 years ago when he was police officer on the street in the old "Street Crimes Unit". Since then I have watched his rise through the ranks and I find it troublesome that there is no plan to keep great officers like him in Hartford's ranks.

LT Sigersmith is a great asset to HPD and is a great father and family man.  Best of luck in your retirement, you will be missed.

Lance Sigersmith will be retiring as of October 3, 2014


Anonymous said...

Rovella is an idiot for leting him go. Get rid of Heavren and put lance in there. Heavren gave all the Lt answers to his mistress mertes to cheat on the oral ( examination) , though im sure the term "oral" might be used in another contex.
But anyways, lance good luck. Another awesome guy lost just like scott samson and rob davis.
Always fair and just a good cop. Lance is also easy on the eyes... ❤️❤️

Wesley Snipes out on Bond said...

So according to this post do you agree that Rovella made a huge mistake not promoting him an letting him go Kevin????

Anonymous said...

everyone knew all the retirements were coming although that is not the biggest issue. why isn't anyone talking about the whole exam being a total farce and the chief and city hall working to get who they want on the list. from the terrible written test which no one really passed, to the company hired not being able to tell anyone how they scored, to the "tell me about yourself" oral so that certain people could score high to the score being sent back several times for re-evaluation! the promotions are the biggest joke running in the police department. Or how about just lying that you on the list and when you are caught lying you get promoted to detective anyway. The politics are disgusting!

Anonymous said...

Its a shame to see Lance go! Great supervisor!! But the question should really be , why are so many people burning time so they can retire ahead of time? Of course no one will say it has to do with the extremely low morale in the department. Due to the head man in charge.