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Friday, September 26, 2014


It seems that there was a quick rush to judgment after a Hartford Police Officer tasered a young black man after the suspect was involved in a melee in front of a Hartford police Officer. It seems that many, including Governor Malloy, formed immediate opinions after a 10 second video clip surfaced depicting the incident. Malloy stated publicly that he was "sickened" after viewing the clip.

The video gave all of us the opportunity to sit back and be the Monday morning quarterbacks able to hit play and rewind to our hearts content until we formed an opinion of the incident. Easy for us, but unfortunately police officers don't have the same luxury to wait and form those same opinions. They are required to make split second decisions, hopefully they make the right decision, but they are human and it doesn't always work out that way.

In the taser incident, in which details seem to be laid out more clearly in the IAD report, there is a lot more going on than a single video clip may portray.

One of the most important being the details as to what precipitated the apparent need for Detective Ware to actually take out his taser and prepare himself to use it. It wasn't a young man conducting himself in an orderly manner on a City street.

It is also interesting to note that "somehow" the entire incident had been erased from the DVR hardrive before police had a chance to review the entire video to see all of the details of the incident and not just the 10 seconds that made it to the news.

It was a young man instead, depicted by St Francis Medical Center Staff in the IAD report as being high on PCP. So high that he actually had to be sedated to keep him from injuring medical staff after his arrival at the hospital. (detailed on page 9)

The IAD report provides some very interesting details and can be read below.

The IAD report was obtained pursuant to an FOI request to HPD


peter brush said...

Malloy said the video of the incident should be used as an example for other officers of what is inappropriate.
I don't have the above in quotes, only as reported, but it seems Malloy was more than "sickened" by the video. He judged the officer's conduct. It would be nice if the former law enforcement lawyer would apologize to Officer Ware, and it would be nice if the entire anti-cop community, particularly in the North End, would as well.
God Bless Officer Ware, and thanks to all the police here in Hartford who perform a difficult job professionally in the interest of the whole town, not just its malcontent community.

Anonymous said...

this isn't over by a longshot im glad shawn made out ok an the whole pd got to see where Rovella stands when good cops get in hotwater talk about bad leadership smh

Anonymous said...

Good point anonymous 1:44 pm. I wonder if Rovella would of did the same if it was one of his Stf guys?


Anyone who reads this blog knows I support Chief Rovella. Let's put the blame where it rightfully belongs... with our cop hating Council. how can anyone properly police an urban area without City Hall support. How is it that a COPS grant was received in 2012 to hire officers and not one has been hired from that grant yet. That is City Hall, not Chief Rovella, Take a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in the Council that thinks you are overpaid and have low skillsets,not Chief Rovella

Anonymous said...

Kevin I agree with you as far as city counsel. But Rovella is to blame for the extremely low morale in the Hartford Police department. He made it his "stf "1st 2nd and 3rd then the rest of the department. No one can run a department effectively without your patrol and other units. He associates only with his select unit and does for them only. There are many great men and women in the department that do great work and put together great cases. But you never hear about it because that's the way he wants it. Its a shame because the city suffers in part because of his decisions as well as the decisions city hall makes. Its time for change and hopefully for the better Hartford has suffered enough because of bad administration's.

Daddy Daycare said...

Anonymous at 8:29pm.......what did Rovella do wrong? Are you that stupid you don't see the tactics used with the public exchange during the march? Shawn was cleared. You make no sense

Anonymous said...

Daddy day care I can tell you're a Rovella supporter! What tactics did he use? Except send the wrong message to his Officers. When I said I wonder if he would do the same if it was one of his "stf" guys it was in reference to marching which obviously sent the wrong message to the rank and file. YOU IDIOT!