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Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Reading the headline you are probably thinking it refers to investigating corruption at City Hall, but no, I am referring to obtaining funding for the Hartford Police Department. The money from a US Justice Department grant announced this week, $3.6 million, will be used to hire an additional 15 officers

Hartford is the only municipality in Connecticut to receive any funding under the program and received one of the highest amounts awarded nationwide.

Don't expect to see the officers on the streets anytime soon though. The City still has positions from a 2012 grant that have never been filled , despite the City's urgent need to fill vacant positions. HPD's staffing levels are currently the lowest they have been in years and dropping quickly due to attrition and retirements


Anonymous said...

Felix retiring and headed to the Back 9 Network? Hopefully not as a chauffeur

Anonymous said...

So what is the update on the car chase with good ole felix

Code Two said...

Leave Felix alone. He's more of a cop than any of you turds that patronize this blog will EVER be!!!

Anonymous said...

Leave him alone. Talk about the corrupt promotions where the city gets who the want and the chief does even if they are incompetent. No one passed that test and it was maneuvered to fulfill promises and racial unevenness. Look into Why it has taken so long no one has answers or everyone gets a different answer or score every time they ask. The company that administered the test won't even comment on all the recalculation. The police department will be hurt more by the bogus promotions this Friday than by the retirements. I hope to get to the oscar performance where liars get shields promises get you lieutenant bars and retirements happen every single week because people can't wait to bail. I am sure these are great morale boosters for the officers that came on the job to protect and serve he citizens.