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Thursday, October 2, 2014


As I watch more of the "process" for this baseball stadium, I keep asking myself if this is really the spark that is going to get Hartford moving ahead?

As much as I would hope that it could be, I think it has only gone to reinforce the image that Hartford is a City of fools, run by fools. Nothing about this project has gone smooth  or been presented well. The busway was rolled out smoother than this single, much simpler project . Hartford's Economic Development people were born too late, they probably would have had great futures launching the Edsel.

I think this project was doomed from the start due to the secrecy and lack of information supplied to the populace. The second launch after the original outcry wasn't much better, still no facts, very little financial detail. Just more of the "trust me" from a Mayor whose trustworthy ratings aren't riding too high right about now.

I just keep wondering what will really spark  economic development in Hartford. I don't believe it is stealing a baseball team from one of our neighboring suburb. I really do think that a properly run City Government would draw more attention from developers and business people than any baseball stadium.Wouldn't it be great to hear business leaders saying "we want to be in Hartford, it is so well managed , and it is the place for us to be"

Wouldn't it be nice to hear a developer announce that they are coming to Hartford because they believe in the potential and think Hartford is moving in the right direction. They see the fiscal responsibility at City Hall and want to be part of the growth. Not because a broke City is willing to throw $65million dollars at the feet of greedy developers to buy their love for the City ( I know the $65 million figure has been changed, but can anyone supply real  numbers for the project)

I look at a smaller town like Middletown, that is vibrant and seems to have no problem with Economic Development. Their Main Street is busy and I don't think we hear too much of the bickering and nonsense coming out of Hartford coming from Middletown.

These things make a difference. What developer wants to take a risk on a City like Hartford where more energy is put into corrupt activity like scheming to hand pick an Assistant Fire Chief, who just happens to be sleeping with a City Official. And a Mayor that is willing to put his New Year's Eve Dinner and his caviar on his City Credit Card probably won't impress a hardworking developer that understands the meaning of hard work and proper management to get ahead.

I think if Hartford got its act together and began using basic management skills, that would impress more for the potential of actual Economic Development than gambling on a baseball stadium whose future and potential is sketchy at best. If you really want to gamble , head to Ledyard , not Hartford, our track record isn't the best.


Anonymous said...


you are exactly right. City Hall is a freak show that instills confidence in no one. LeeAnn Ralls who is supposed to be part of the checks and balances to make sure taxpayer dollars aren't abused is the same person who has approved improper payments for the ball stadium, approved the caviar charges for Segarra, approved the funeral payments on a credit card and much more. Now she has been appointed acting Finance Director, the inmates running the asylum

Anonymous said...

Kevin, how can you expect this city to run professionally? Look at this guy, Pedro Caviar (I'm disgusted to call this guy a 'mayor'), look at his history. If the allegations of paying prostitutes at 'touch of class' are true, if the allegations that he spent time at westfarms bathrooms are true, this guy was the city corporate council and left/quit that job, he was city council president for quiet some time, was going to eat caviar with some people close to him, charging city credit card then accusing the waiter who took the wrong credit card, being responsible for the highest taxes in the entire state in his last 2 jobs, if the allegation that he's cooking the assistant fire dept. chief job to the totally unqualified fiance/lover of your best friend/defender SKB, this guy that action was taken against him as an attorney (Suspension for Failure to Pay the Client Security Fund Fee in Accordance with Practice Book Section 2-70, ALSO please read Grievance Complaint #11-0677 of the
Statewide Grievance Committee), what do you expect from such a guy?

Anonymous said...

In my opinion Pedro Segarra was always corrupt, he's still corrupt and will remain corrupt forever. Only a fed investigation against him will save this city.

Anonymous said...

Caviar Segarra is clueless about finance. That's why this city is such a mess.

Anonymous said...

You have to be incompetent to be promoted under this Pervert Mayor and his Freaks, he calls his Cabinet; Get a locksmith put a deadbolt on this empty cabinent, put the pervert in Jail or send him back on the streets, he has never left that lifestyle of illusion and deception any how.

Council please don't wake up and run again, you are negligent in your elected duties. Hell you can't do simple stupid, like enforce the Charter, you violate it yourself, retired employees can return for NO MORE THAN 6 MONTHS, you have GiGi there and know of all the others, if you don't just have HR print you a repory. You allow Acting assignments to go on over 6 months, even after an audit report. You allow Department Heads and Deputies to live where they want... Have you all even read the Charter or just look up things as you go along. You allow this Mayor to develop in secrecy and jump on board, so we beg you DO NOT RUN AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

Kevin, Baseball stadium is exactly what Hartford needs. This way, instead of dragging us downhill slowly, with a 'done-deal' stadium Segarra will bring us to the abyss, to an immediate death, at once.

Anonymous said...

when will the feds get in to start investigating the "leaders" of this city: Segarra, Wooden, Deller, Sandy and Huertas..

Anonymous said...

Kevin, You would have to get Kevin Costner to come into Hartford and build "A FIELD OF DREAMS" for any hope at all!!!! If he did ,I could see it now ,,,, The ghost of Hartfords past coming back to life,,, Hard working respectful people paying taxes and taking care of their property,MARRIED couples having children and "PAYING" for their upbringing,Moms smart enough to know how to clothe and feed their kids before they went to school,kids going to school and actually learning skills to be productive citizens,Fathers who were role models to their children,no garbage on the streets, Park St. safe enough for my Grandfather to own a shoe repair business,most gang members in jail,no dirt bikes or quads running loose on the streets,cars actually stopping at red lights and believe it or not, "somewhat", decent and competent politicians in City Hall !!!!! The "happy ending" of the movie shows hundreds of cars driving to the field ,,the sad reality in Hartford on any given day is, hundreds of cars leaving the city as quick as they can. Im starting to think the only "happy ending" you can get in Hartford is at City Hall,,NOT IN ANY BASEBALL STADIUM!

Herman said...

Dear anonymous 4:38PM. Mayor Pedro Caviar used to get his "happy ending" at the Touch of Class Escort Service, for $125. Per hour

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous 1:22AM. That's a good one. However, the "happy ending" has to be to the good, hard working people of Hartford, and this will happen after Mayor Pedro Caviar is investigated and faceing justice