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Saturday, December 6, 2014


I have received a few calls and e-mails from readers asking me to post the full e-mail strings.Apparently it is difficult to follow the e-mails without readers being able to follow the full conversation. It will take a little more work to print and then scan the e-mails, to be able to post them,  but here you go.


Anonymous said...

Charlie is so deep in slop on this one and he keeps digging his hole deeper. The guy is in way over his empty head. Time to resign Charlie and take Terry and Captain Lush with you.

Anonymous said...

More management through intimidation... Wonder who is the head coach?? SKB? Your world is going to finally come crashing down around you. Too many people have suffered and now lives are being taken. It's time for the mayor and his entire posse to STAND DOWN.

Anonymous said...

Let me start by saying HFD is rotten to the core, from the top on down. The chief is an ineffective leader who is a pawn willing to sell his soul for a big pension and title and will stay around only long enough for the worm Waller to become AC at which point he'll retire and hand over the reigns of this hot mess to Waller.

I include "St. Dan Nolan" in this group of immature rotten children. Just because he sued and won doesn't mean he's any better than the other low lifes and it does not give him a license to be disrespectful and send internal emails to his lawyer and favorite blogger. If I spoke to my boss this way however much he was wrong I'd be fired. Let's not forget this is the same Dan Nolan who was taking money that belonged to the city for people to use the fire tower burns. Who got caught by a previous HR director scamming worker's cmmp. Who squeezed his students for "contributions" to his favorite charities in exchange for good evaluations. He's the best of the worst.

They should all be escorted to city limits and fired. How dare any of them Nolan included, use a firefighter death for their own personal agenda. Enough.


Sorry Vinnie, I guess we touched a nerve