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Monday, March 30, 2015


The recording below is my hour and a half on Saturday's Tony Terzi show, "Terzi Talk, on WDRC Radio Saturday. It was very interesting and the time went by very quick. I was actually asked to stay beyond the hour I was scheduled and I enjoyed answering the callers questions.

Take a listen, just click play



retired truckie said...

Damn that Nolan has some big balls, just like his old man!!!!!


He speaks the truth though, anything in those comments that were untrue? Not much of a politician, but one hell of a leader. Huertas should be standing up like that for his men and womenn

Anonymous said...

The problem is Hartford doesn't want that kind of leader for it's public safety departments. The "old man" should have been Chief instead of John Stewart back in 79/80. Stewart finished
7th AFTER he had approximately 10 Residency points added in. The Nolan's are not "yes men". Had the old man been chief way back when we wouldn't have these problems today.

Anonymous said...

Using some National Guard quote doesn't give you balls or make you a leader. Neither does Quitting at a fire or being a rat. If anyone but the tiny amount of fools that support Danny and his agenda he would be able to take control. Problem is that no one cares about his bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Apparently posting anonymously gives someone balls.