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Friday, April 3, 2015


Here is a media release that I received this morning from Hartford Deputy Police Chief Brian Foley.

The picture says all that is needed. This is what Hartford Police Officers encounter out on the streets on a regular basis.  It is easy to understand why a Police Officer may not be all warm and fuzzy encountering residents knowing that this is what he or she may encounter. This encounter could have ended much differently, especially with the accused under the influence of Cocaine or PCP

Foley's words:

This is why we are careful and cautious when we approach people. The officer could not know if the person was hiding a weapon just by looking at him. The officer could not tell that the person with the rifle slung around his neck, hidden under his puffy jacket was a convicted felon just by looking at him. The officer could not have know that the person was on probation for armed robbery just by walking up to him. Just a regular HPD Patrol Officer investigating a minor motor vehicle complaint.

On April1 2015, a Hartford Police Department patrol officer was canvassing the area of Martin Street and Judson Street on a report of an erratic driver. The Officer pulled into the rear lot of 131 Martin Street and saw a car matching the description, backed into a parking spot, occupied by a male and a female. The Officer exited his vehicle and approached. The passenger, identified as Kevin Barco 29 of Hartford (Convicted Felon), was found to have an active arrest warrant and placed under arrest. During the pat down the Officer found the that Barco had a .22 caliber rifle slung around his neck. The modified rifle had the stock removed and was concealed by a heavy jacket. The Officer recovered the firearm and secured Barco. A second Officer who arrived on scene asked the female operator, identified as Geneveive Gallo 25, of East Hartford, to exit the vehicle and as she did a small bag containing crack cocaine fell from her clothing. Barco who is currently on probation for Robbery in the First Degree with a Firearm, was arrested on his outstanding warrant and additional firearms charges. Gallo was arrested on a narcotics charge. Both parties were debriefed by Shooting Task Force Detectives who were on scene.

Arrested 1) Kevin Barco DOB 4/7/84 131 Martin Street Hartford, CT.
Charges: Criminal Possession of a Firearm, Criminal Possession of Ammunition, and Weapons in a Motor Vehicle. (Outstanding Warrant for Failure to Appear)

Arrested 2) Genevieve Gallo DOB 8/21/89 38 Crosby Street East Hartford, CT.
Charge: Possession of Narcotics

Evidence: (1) ISSC .22 Caliber sporting Rifle, containing 10 live .22 caliber ammunition rounds, and (1) plastic bag containing a
white powder substance (Cocaine).

Deputy Chief Brian J. Foley
Chief of Detectives, Investigative Services Bureau
Hartford Police Department


peter brush said...

This is why we are careful and cautious when we approach people.
Thanks very much for the work the cops do. (I remember Foley when he was attached to my kid's elementary school as a community cop 20 years ago; street hockey, etc.) No question they are dealing with a lot of dangerous people here in town. That's why the performance by our little Governor condemning the cop who tased the guy up on Albany Ave. was so disgraceful (and unhelpful to those of us who would like the place to be more rather than less orderly, if not actually civilized).
I would ask, though, if the people who deal more or less directly with guys like Kevin Barco, for example, shouldn't get information about his doings. I'm thinking in particular about landlords. Some drug dealer neighbors of mine booby-trapped their garage, shouldn't the law enforcement bureaucracy warn the neighbors?

Anonymous said...

These two pillars of society would make great candidates for the next HFD recruit class. Sorry, she is not a "Bona Fide" city resident, but with a fake address she would be tops in the class!

Anonymous said...

Good thing that he only had ten rounds in the clip. They probably would send him to jail otherwise.


You are probably correct, that convicted felon thing doesn't seem to have too much bearing on our courts. I'm sure he was working on turning his life around


We can't do that Peter. We wouldn't want to violate the rights of out fine citizens walking our streets with weapons like that hidden under their coats

peter brush said...

We can't do that Peter.
I am skeptical that our Nutmeg criminal management bureaucracy would have treated a 20 year old black kid from Norwalk as generously as it did Danny's (druggie) Boy upon arrest in Darien for attempted robbery. It may be that there is some lenience shown to white kids generally, not only to those who happen to be sons of prominent public servants. However, while we could address the problem of too many Blacks and Puerto Ricans put in prison (by prosecutors like Attorney Malloy) by going lighter on them, I'd prefer to achieve egalitarian Progress by putting more spoiled suburban criminals of pallor in prison. Sure, Malloy's kid might not be as qualified for incarceration as a lot of folks I see walking around here in Hartford, but we could give him extra credit in order to achieve the all important goal of diversity in our jails.
Comerford spoke sternly to Benjamin Malloy, saying his criminal activity has embarrassed a family that has given a lot to the Stamford community.

"They have given you everything - it's up to you now," Comerford said. "I wish you good luck, son. Stay out of trouble, OK?"

The two felony charges Malloy pleaded guilty to carry maximum penalties combined of more than 20 years in prison...

Malloy had been arrested previously, in November 2007, on numerous drug charges after police said he sold drugs four times to an informant who was wearing a wire during a two-month police investigation.

A Superior Court judge granted Malloy accelerated rehabilitation, a probationary program for first-time offenders that if successfully completed can result in the erasure of the criminal charges. But nine months into the two-year probationary period, Malloy was arrested again in connection with the attempted armed robbery.

Anonymous said...

Our police oficers do their job and the court system will find a way to put these fine citizens back on the street so they can DO IT AGAIN!

Chris Lyons retired HPD said...

Nice work by Hartford Police by arresting Kevin Barco, a violent offender and convicted felon. That guy should never see the light of day again. Most importantly no police officers were injured in the arrest of this miscreant.

Nice work and Barco is where he belongs and that is in jail.