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Tuesday, May 26, 2015


On 5/26/2015 at 0023 hours, a victim of gunfire walked into Hartford Hospital with a single non-life threatening gunshot wound to the right wrist/forearm area. Victim was positively identified as Rascell Leggett , born in 1986 of 160 Homestead Avenue in Hartford. Case is documented under HPD Case 15-15769. Leggett has a history of arrests to include firearms and drugs with HPD.  

Leggett stated he was walking north on Seymour Street near Park Street when a red, possibly a Ford Focus or Ford Fusion with NY plates pulled up to him, and after an exchange of words, the passenger fired three shots at him striking him in the wrist. There was no shot spotter activation to confirm Leggett’s accounts. Leggett refused to cooperate any further.  

However, Shot spotter activation was confirmed at 101 Atwood Street around the same time Leggett reported he was shot. Leggett is known to frequent the area around Atwood Street and it is likely that he was shot on Atwood Street and not Seymour Street. Two shell casings were recovered on Atwood Street, a 45 and a 38 caliber shell casing.  There were no witnesses or suspects identified and due to the lack of cooperation from the listed victim, this case will be forwarded to the Shooting Task Force for follow up.
To read more about the successes of Mayor Segarra's Community Policing Program, click here


Anonymous said...

The red, possibly Ford Focus or Ford Fusion with NY plates" was most likely there to buy drugs from Leggett.
Great, cause this makes Leggett qualified to work for the Segarra administration.

Anonymous said...

Expect more bad news HPD, expect more crime coming to your area, Segarra keeps on cutting HPD funds

Anonymous said...

Is there any truth to the rumor that the Shooting Task Force has been told to more or less stand down so as not to incite riots? That would explain a lot of the recent violence...

Anonymous said...

10:33 I have to ask are you serious? Stf alone can not save the city. You need a combined effort from everyone. The chief needs to realize that. If you invest in your department and not just the shooting team crime can come under control. There is crime taking place, so because the chief said to stand down you allow the city to implode? Last I know they are cops just do your job. Invest in your traffic unit, your conditions unit, your CSO's and your narco unit. That's what it will take. But he will not because it will make his pet unit look bad. That's the reality.

peter brush said...

It sounds as if they became serious about the violence in Puerto Rico. Personally, I don't want the Feds more involved here in Nutmegistan. When they come in with their swat teams to whom are they accountable? Eric Holder? John Larson? The cops should be local. Local pols should support aggressive law enforcement, and stand behind the people's cops as long as they're acting in good faith. If the cops are not properly managed and directed the local pols should pay the price. Generally, street crime isn't a federal issue; at least it wasn't when the Constitution still meant something.
2011 was seen by many as a low point for Puerto Rico. Not only did homicides peak, but the FBI expanded its involvement in the U.S. territory after a Justice Department report found widespread problems in the island's police force, including corruption, illegal killings and civil rights violations.

Seeking to crack down on the most serious crimes, the FBI took charge of cases that involved armed suspects with previous criminal records. Suspects detained by federal agents are subject to being held without bond, and the system has a 97 percent conviction rate.

The FBI also expanded its authority in handling carjacking cases, a key to deterring criminals from stealing cars to commit other crimes. The bureau and other federal agencies also flew in personnel from the U.S. mainland to help bring Puerto Rico's crime wave under control.

As a result, the island has experienced a "dramatic" improvement in public safety since 2011, said Carlos Cases, the FBI special agent in charge for the island.

Anonymous said...

Hey Peter brush Eric holder is no longer AG get ya head out ya Azz an do ya homework smh