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Tuesday, May 26, 2015


From Fox 61's Louisa Moller's Twitter Account
Hartford police apparently are now confirming that they are investigating Sunday's shooting of a Pastor on Capitol Avenue as a hate crime. According to my sources, the shooter asked the pastor prior to shooting him if he was Gay. I had requested confirmation of the crime being investigated as a hate crime from HPD and I received no response.You can read the original posting here
I understand it is an election year and the incumbent doesn't want to be embarrassed by the crime in his City, but it is the reality. HPD should be in the business of providing accurate information , not protecting the Mayor's image.
And while I am on it, when was the last time you heard of Mayor Segarra visiting a shooting victim in the hospital  or even attending a vigil after a shooting? Should we expect more of this as we ramp up to Election Day? Or is it only the high profile visible cases that catch Segarra's  attention. Did he attend the vigils or even visit the families of recent homicide victims? I tend to doubt it
Doesn't Segarra represent all residents of Hartford, not just those that the TV cameras are following or paying attention to, and shouldn't we also know if someone is targeting a specific group with hatred? Why does it take a Pastor being shot to result in action when a 17 year old murdered with a gunshot to the head and 3 homicides in as many days did not, those crimes  hardly resulted in a response from the Mayor?


Anonymous said...

Apparently Mayor Caviar only runs to the bedsides of Gay or gay-friendly Pastors. We know all too well that Segarra has no regard for the average resident of Hartford, even when they get shot in the streets like dogs, it is all about his re-election

Anonymous said...

What do you want from Segarra, between "his" stadium and raising campaign $$, how can he have any time left for what, visiting shooting victims and their families?

Anonymous said...

As a gay man who lives, works in Hartford who also walks and takes the bus I want to know if the LGBT community is being targeted by anyone. Thanks Kevin for breaking this story. Its nice to see the mainstream news just catching up but lets hope they investigate a bit more rather than playing who is the cutest.

As far as Segarra is concerned we say in my circle anybody but.