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Thursday, June 11, 2015


Angel Morales pictured , far right, at Sundays Parade with Mayoral Candidate Luke Bronin.

The problems keep coming for Hartford's wannabe politician Angel Morales. Morales, who spent several years in prison after being convicted of felony charges related to his unlawfully impersonating an attorney, is once again in hot water. This would seem to be an usual spot for the clerk of the Legislatures Law Committee to be once again running afoul of the law.

Let me start at the beginning.

Back in 2010 Morales made a decision to run against State Rep. Kelvin Roldan. Roldan had his own problems at the time. Amidst allegations of being out of touch with his constituents and being the right had for a corrupt Mayor, Eddie Perez, Roldan was going to face a tough fight.

 Morales approached me and asked me to manage his campaign. I knew he was a convicted felon and I had done some of my own research into the charges to feel comfortable I was making the right choice if I said yes.   I eventually said yes and we began fundraising to get Morales to qualify for the Citizen's Election Fund. He did and that is where the latest trouble began. After receiving his check from the State, the spending spree began.

Apparently Morales hired a campaign Treasurer from Springfield and paid him a sizeable amount. Off the top of my head I think it was $7500 he paid.  Of course he broke that news to me the same night he showed up in my driveway in a brand new Lincoln Towncar. When I questioned him on the car, he advised me it was a rental and it was being paid fro from his campaign funds. Now Morales didn't have a car and for that matter didn't even have a drivers license.

He knew my displeasure with the way he was spending his money  and I insisted the rental car be returned the following  morning. Angel refused to return it and I quickly got away from his campaign. As it turns out that was a very wise choice on my part.

As it turns out, Morales was eventually investigated by the Hartford Police on allegations that he picked up a mentally challenged young man on Washington Street and took him to his campaign headquarters on Franklin and performed lewd acts in front of the man.( Police report on the incident can be read by clicking the second link below) This was done in the car that he continued to rent after the election was over in a campaign headquarters he continued to rent after the election was over. The Citizen's Election Fund money is supposed to cease being used once the election is over except for cleaning up campaign debts incurred during the election.

Apparently, Morales opponent in the election thought something stunk with Morales's required campaign filings and filed a complaint with the State Elections Enforcement Commission .These things don't move quickly, especially in agencies decimated by budget cuts, but the matter has recently made it before the State Elections Enforcement Commission. At a hearing the Commission found that Morales had failed to account for, or provide documentation for almost $20,000.00  in Campaign expenses.

 Due to Morales's failure to comply with the requirements of the Citizen's Election Fund, Morales was ordered to repay $19,381.85 he received from the fund. Morales was ordered to pay  an additional $10,000.00 fine and his Treasurer was ordered to pay a fine of $5,000.00.

Morales has continued to work as a paid staff member on various campaigns including recent campaigns of Mayor Pedro Segarra and Senator John Fonfara.

 To read more on Morales posting on "We The People"  click here  or here for another posting

For more on the predatory allegations against Morales, read the Courant's version here


Anonymous said...

Wow. I accidentally tapped something on my cell phone recently. (GPS). And I suddenly found address locations in my neighborhood of alleged sex offenders in Southwest. And there were dots all over the place. This doesn't mean that the info was correct or up to date. But it gave me a pause. For so many reasons and now this being one more reason, I am leaving Hartford. I would need to be a nut case to stay in this God-forsaken town. It's now Animal World on steroids.

Angel is a pervert said...

Actually Kevin the mentally challenged young man is in fact a teenage boy

Anonymous said...

I don't even know why would you even mention this rat's name. This guy is predator and will always be one. A con artist who lied to too many aspiring young artist in the past and presented him self as a promotor and then as a Lawyer. With lack of integrity and what it looks like a identity issue when you have to fake your true self. A convenient place holder for too many politicians looking for representation from Latinos that are not willing to engage in politics; I am latino by the way. A disgrace, because of individuals like him is that we are where we are in Hartford

Anonymous said...

Kevin, Can you organize a good old fashion torch march to city hall? Or are there not enough actual individual taxpayers to mount a campaign? Here's another question,,,How many of these so-called activists,leaders etc. pay taxes in this city with their own money?

Anonymous said...

This is dirty, Angel is NOT a public official...although you said that is who you "report" on. You brought all this old news up because Angel is supporting Bronin and NOT the Judge. So Transparent.


first off, Angel Morales would not be investigated by Elections Enforcement if he were not a public official. The fines were just imposed last week, so it is not "old news". Luckily Morales is not supporting the Judge, who would want a predators support?

peter brush said...

Who is Marcus Mosiah Jarvis supporting?
What we need are initiatives that address economic development and finance to bring stability to our neighborhoods and to help people become self-sufficient and have a means to provide for themselves.

The absence of fathers and the incarceration of black men is the modern-day slavery in our community, and we've allowed it.

Iamledges said...

@Kevinbookman let's get back to your journalists roots and post updated news . You losing your followers and people that have followed you in the past. Where is the preliminary report, prepared for Hartford's Firearms Discharge Board of Inquiry regarding the officer involved shooting .

Iamledges said...

@Kevinbookman . For years I followed and supported this blog due to its abilty to tell important and fact finding information regarding are community . It is sad that you have lost your journalistic and blogging ability. You have slacked in providing us meaningful updates . Has Pedro got to you . Cause that's what I hearing. Where preliminary report, prepared for Hartford's Firearms Discharge Board of Inquiry involving the police involved shooting

Anonymous said...

Commander Luke,
I hope moral less is not part of your team, if so - you have a major problems: if El loquito is in your home, don't let him babysit your kids...


Is ledges,

What is the address of your blog? I'd like to check out the fine work you have been doing

Anonymous said...

Once in trouble and once a trouble maker and once and once and once is the famous Hartford Democrat Angel Morales. Never know what Angel Morales is up to.....usually something shady. He will probably get another higher paying job from State Rep Minnie Gonzalez or Senator John Fonfara if he plays his cards right.

Unknown said...


My Family has a sorted past with Angel Morales. His criminal mischief began with his need to withdraw funds from brother's banking accounts and was never held accountable for such criminal activity. I can't believe he's still running around and not in jail.