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Thursday, August 27, 2015


Apparently not. Everyone wants more cops on the streets. Moving sworn officers out of headquarters and hiring civilians to replace them for sensitive positions may not be the best route. It might make financial sense, but sometimes cheapest isn't best.

The City of Hartford is now finding that out the hard way. Approximately 5 months ago , HPD started replacing sworn officers in the HPD Evidence room with civilians. Now, according to HPD  sources, at least one of the civilians is being investigated by Internal Affairs for unlawfully removing drugs from the property room.

The theft reportedly took place while drugs were being transported by the civilian employee, unsupervised, from the property room to the State lab for testing and analysis.

It is unclear at this time how many investigations or HPD arrests have been placed in danger after the chain of evidence and integrity have been compromised by the thefts.

No official comment is available from HPD at this time


Anonymous said...

Cops have been unlawfully removing drugs from the property room forever. Lot's don't even make it to the property room.

Anonymous said...

Why not have twin dung transport the evidence. Oh wait, she is to busy chain smoking next to the oxygen tank storage area next to the booking dept. I was unaware that the Police Headquarters even has a smoking area directly next to pressured oxygen tanks..

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you remove a high speed supervisor like Sgt Powell and stick a light duty ranger like pesce in there. Pesce has zero supervisory experience, nice guy, but this will send shock waves through the legal system ...

Anonymous said...

twin dung is petey bergenholtz 3rd wife .

please have a little respect.

Anonymous said...

Concerning Stachowitz being terminated by Achilles Rethis

for using the N word. On June 1,1996 Achilles Rethis arrested Ben Jamey

utilized excessive force on Janey, beating him with a night stick dragging

him thru a car window and repeatedly calling him Janey the N word.

So if Stach is fired ---Why isnt Rethis terminated?

10-56-77 said...

High Speed Sergeant Powell was NOT removed from the property room. He requested a transfer out to work overtime and make money.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, Don't know if your aware of this,,,,one extremely important entity in this city that should ABSOLUTELY NOT have civilians delivering service is, HARTFORDS DISPATCH CENTER !!!! Except for a few (and i'm being generous),this place is filled with incompetent,unprofessional and what is most disturbing, dangerous people. Get a scanner or FOI some tapes and take a listen. They are not only rude to 911 callers but oddly to the city's fire and police employees (more so with fire for some unknown reason). Years ago this department had firefighters and police officers working there and from what i've heard it has never been reliable since the switch. These people can't handle routine communication in a effective manner. I would never blame them for f/f Kevin Bell's death ,,but I wonder what "MIGHT" have happened if they heard the mayday call when it was transmitted??? The fireground is deafening at times and it makes sense that a faint mayday call was not heard there. But the dispatchers have headsets that allow them the advantage to overcome distractions and more likely to hear such potentially life saving transmissions,heres the rub,on many occasions you will hear distracting laughter and/or loud talking in the dispatch center while communicating ,THIS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED!,Neither should the ,REPEATED REQUESTS FOR RESOURCES (I.E. 10-10S),ESTIMATED TIME OF ARRIVALS OF,PHONE NUMBERS OF LANDLORDS, ETC.,,WHY ARE WE ASKING OVER AND OVER????? Who do they answer to??? I pray this city never experiences a Mass Casualty Incident,,there is no doubt these "civilian" dispatchers will jeopardize not only the lives of the city's residents and visitors ,but those responding to their call for help. EITHER GET THESE PEOPLE TO TAKE THEIR JOB SERIOUSLY OR BRING BACK THE COPS AND FIREFIGHTERS!!!

Billy said...

Yes, all but two of them are complete idiots....and they make it pretty obvious that they don't care.