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Thursday, August 27, 2015



Some candidates think ‘race card’ is ace up their sleeve

Posted: Thursday, August 27, 2015 11:00 am
“Playing the race card” describes a practice of exploiting prejudicial attitudes by blaming transgressions, real or imagined, on someone of another race. The tactic is primarily used against minority groups, but many politicians seeking to double-down on attention often succumb to the race card’s allure. We are, unfortunately, seeing the race card’s use by Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, who will say almost anything to gain the spotlight. Trump’s condemnation of Mexican immigrants is an example of prejudice being used for what he thinks is personal benefit.

Closer to home, Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra played the race card just as bluntly by threatening Gov. Dannel Malloy with repercussions from Latino communities in Connecticut cities for Malloy’s attendance at a public meeting on violence.

That meeting had been called by Luke Bronin, who formerly worked as an aide for the governor and is the Hartford mayoral candidate endorsed by the Democratic Town Committee. Bronin is in a primary with Segarra for the Democratic nomination for mayor.

Segarra avoided responding to Bronin during a recent debate by blaming the governor for Hartford’s problems. And now he again avoids responding to Bronin’s critique of his term in office and tries to shift the blame for Hartford’s problems to state government.

Hartford has problems that admittedly are not solely the fault of the Segarra administration, but the failure to solve at least some of them is surely attributable to the mayor and his time in office.


RB said...

A couple things. First, the Race Card is used primarily by Minorities against Whites.

Second, when you say "Mexican immigrants" are you referring to Illegal Aliens?

I don't much care for Trump, but he seems to be speaking for many people who are fed up with the open border.

RB said...

I apologize, Mr.Brookman.
I didn't realize you'd posted an article from the J I.


This has nothing to do with Donald Trump .this has everything to do with Pedro Segarra trying to divide the city of Hartford and its peoplere even more by injecting race into the mayoral election

RB said...

It's my opinion that people that use the Race Card do so to avoid the truth,
deflect or, because they have nothing better to offer, or to stop a conversation cold.

Anonymous said...

He will win bkuz many latinos vote race no matter the issues.

Anonymous said...

Hey 2:33 Am, not all Latinos are going to vote for him by the way. We know he is an embarrassment to our people. Look at his last commercial, its all about his being Latino and does not mention what he has done to better the city or any future plans for progress. Its looks like a big music video for MTV! And it sounds like a marching band for the next banana republic dictator!

Anonymous said...

Every race does it. Rise above your ignorance. There's only one race, the human race.