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Tuesday, September 1, 2015


TRAFFIC ADVISORY From the Hartford Police Department Traffic Division Tuesday, September 1, 2015
(Hartford, CT.) – The Hartford Police Department Traffic Division will conduct a DUI Enforcement Checkpoint on Wednesday, September 2, 2015, from 5:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m., in the area of Vine Street and Edgewood Street.
This checkpoint is part of the Hartford Police Department’s ongoing expanded DUI enforcement program supervised by the HPD’s Traffic Division and funded through a grant from the State of Connecticut Department of Transportation DUI Enforcement Program.
For the most up to date traffic information visit the State of Connecticut interactive traffic map including statewide traffic cameras.
The Hartford Police Department encourages you to protect your vehicle and belongings by "putting your junk in your trunk." Click here to view car break prevention tips from the HPD.


Anonymous said...

Hate to knock the boys in blue,but it's common knowledge that if your gonna get caught driving under the influence ,Hartford is the place to be. I've witnessed on numerous occasions ,drivers high or drunk put on a stretcher and sent unescorted to the hospital,no blood test or breathalyzer. Outside of these "grant sponsored" sting operations Hartford is the place to be for total disregard for others in the road. Kevin,you should know ,on your street youve witnessed packs of 30 or more adult men on quads and dirt bikes run red lights,ride on sidewalks and play chicken with law abiding drivers. Hartford has a new phenomenon,teenage boys are mirroring the adults on their bicycles. So ,bottom line is ,these press releases are a joke!

Anonymous said...

Hey last comment ,
We are not allowed to engage any atv or motorcycle in a pursuit. Its in our orders and that was per the mayor several years ago. So dont blame us for your lack of proper investigative techniques before you run your mouth. And since your the new expert on police procedure, the number one focus is safety and if any drunk or criminal requests medical attention, WE CAN NOT say no. An ambulance must be called immediately . Then a search warrant for blood must be done at a later date.
My advice to you is to sit down and read some books before u join the other 100k know it alls in this city. If you have an issue with a law or a procedure, i suggest you write a letter to your congressman or state rep. The laws are made by them, not the police .

Black Lives Matter said...

Well put. Hey hate to knock the boys in blue.....with the wide spread lack of support for police across the nation, you lucky cops are merely responding to calls. It's been proven how easily cops jobs are expendable. With this current climate nationwide, you have got to be crazy as a cop doing ANYTHING pro-active that may put you in a position where you may have to use force which will be overly scrutinized. This is what urban neighborhoods across the country want, this is what u get. You can't have it both ways.

Anonymous said...

Edgewood Street? Good lord. I feel sorry for any officer stuck working the DUI Check Point there tonight! You mean the police department should be there looking for high drivers and wanted criminals. Be honest, that neighborhood is awful. I feel sorry for the few law abiding hard working residents stuck living on that street.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute ,are you guys that spineless that you wont challenge authority when they ORDER YOU to "NOT" uphold the "OATH" you took? DONT YOU HAVE A UNION TO BACK YOU UP FOR DOING YOUR JOB AND THE "RIGHT THING" ?? So if a child gets struck and killed by one of these idiots,,,your telling me the blood is solely on the mayors hands and your absolved?? Also, do me a favor "OFFICER INFORMATION",,provide DUI stats showing HPD is comparable to other departments in DUI arrests, and for that matter include motor vehicle violations like speeding,running lights ,no registration ,no insurance. Kevin,you need to look into this ,Bronin should be notified that Segarra "ALLOWS" certain laws to be broken, and from the Chief of Police on down ,,they all go along without a fight. A Hartford officer told me the other day that a group of riders went into Newington and they immediately formed a task force and put a quick stop to it , the officer then states "Newington doesn't play"..So regarding your statement about law and procedure,,How is little old Newington is capable and competent enough to get around what you make sound like a "LOOPHOLE" for accepted criminal behavior in our Capitol city??? Hope you boys don't go along with Mayor Segarra if he "ORDERS" you to wear the Village People's version of a cop uniform. Joking aside ,Kevin PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS "ORDER" BY THE MAYOR ,WHAT ELSE IS HE ALLOWING TO DETERIORATE HARTFORD?? WHY ISNT OUR "LOCAL MEDIA" COVERING THIS ??

Anonymous said...

For the record, HPD has one of the highest DUI arrests in the state. If not the highest.

And the reason we do not chase dirt bikea and ATVs is because the State Wide Pursuit policy prohibits it. The same problem exists in all CT cities.

The Newington thing mentioned is actually a regional effort that includes many police departments- including Hartford PD.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't sound like you guys from HPD are on the same page. Did Segarra order no pursuits on bikes and ATVs 3 yrs ago or not?? I've also heard from officers that the no pursuit policy came from within the city of Hartford,city hall and the chief were responsible. Why would a co-worker state Newington doesn't play?? Are you allowed to show me numbers to legitimize your statement regarding "the highest" DUI arrests in ct? I guess i'll bottom line it ,,,,WHY IS IT LIKE THE WILD WEST ON HARTFORD STREETS?????

Anonymous said...

Well, what you regard as a "joke", the press release that is, is actually required by law. The pd is required to publicize a checkpoint. This came out of a 1990 US Supreme Court ruling on a case that originated out of Michigan that stipulated that although checkpoints were legal, certain guidelines must be met. One of those guidelines is publicizing the checkpoint.

As far as the quad and dirt bike issue goes. We have a policy, which mirrors the state pursuit policy, which prohibits pursing these vehicles. I for one am not willing to risk internal sanction and potentially losing my home or bank accounts in a civil case when the city refuses to indemnify me because I violated policy and decided to chase one down.

Thanks, but no thanks.