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Wednesday, September 2, 2015


We keep hearing about jobs, jobs, jobs for Hartford residents. I agree with hiring qualified Hartford residents, but I am not sure they understand the responsibility they accept when they are hired for these jobs.

One of the programs intended to provide a career ladder for Hartford residents is the Cadet Program at the Hartford Police Department. This is an excellent program to develop Hartford youth  for careers as Hartford Police Officers, or at least it is supposed to be.

Last night one of those Cadets was arrested for shoplifting at the the Hartford Walmart, not a stellar start for a career in law enforcement.

Details below, direct from the HPD Arrest log. She was released on a written Promise to Appear in Court



Addr: 417 ZION ST A/B Hgt: 5'04 Wgt:145 Hair:BLACK STRAIGHT

HARTFORD,CT MF#:A142260 Arrest #:7148200 Case #:15-027525


Arrest Date: 09/01/15 19:04 Location:495 FLATBUSH AV

Release Date:09/01/15 23:59 WPTA




Anonymous said...

So what's the point of this post are you saying that no suburbanites that become police officers in this city never get caught stealing ?? I'm starting to think you are a closet Racist Kevin Brookman because you just threw an entire people in the same category . What's the average attitude of the elite White Officers that work in this city that Blacks an Hispanics are not qualified??!! I spread the word to all people of the community to read this Blog so they know what the overall attitude of a racist department thinks of them and how you promote that Leftist agenda


Where did you see anything in that posting about race, except for the arrest log data? If expecting people to do a job with integrity and honesty is "leftist", I apologize. Have you not been reading my other posts? Officer Stachowitz was a white officer that would have never been exposed for his racist acts if I didn't do it here. He has since been terminated. Good try though, but not everything can be a racial issue, it is called accountability, no matter the color of anyone's skin

Anonymous said...

5:20- I believe you have the sides of the political spectrum reversed. A racist white cop would generally be considered to represent a right wing agenda. An example of a leftist agenda are the failed social progressive policies of the O'bama administration.

Anonymous said...

So true

Maria Uaga said...

Sounds like she would be perfect as an aide to Mayor Caviar