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Monday, September 7, 2015



On Saturday, September 5th, 2015, Officer Johnny Suarez was assigned to Unit #31, and was patrolling the King Street area. As Officer Suarez drove west on King Street, he observed what he recognized as a street level narcotics transaction taking place in front of 41 King Street. Officer Suarez stopped and exited his patrol car, at which point Accused Soto immediately fled on foot, losing both sneakers. As Soto fled,  Officer Suarez observed Soto reaching for his waistband. Officer Suarez pursued Soto on foot at which point he observed Soto remove a black firearm from his waistband. Officer Suarez clearly transmitted via police radio that the suspect was running with a black firearm in his hand

Officer Suarez lost sight of Soto in the area of 9 Crown Street. Patrol and STF units conducted a canvass for Soto. Soto was found hiding on the rear porch of 31-33 Crown Street, with no shoes.
A search incidental to arrest of Soto's clothing yielded a knotted plastic bag containing a white rock like substance, suspected Crack Cocaine. A canvass for the firearm was met with negative results.

On Monday, September 7th, 2015, at 1456 hours, residents at called the Hartford Police
Dispatch Center and advised a child had found a firearm under their front porch. Patrol and STF

 Units responded and seized a fully loaded .45 caliber firearm with a chambered round.

Accused Soto, who was still being held at 101 Lafayette Street for arraignment, was de-briefed by Detective Rostkowski and Officer Morande. During the de-brief in a written statement, Soto admitted that the firearm located was the firearm he had been in possession of, and that he had thrown it under the porch as he fled

Per GA14, the additional firearm related charges were added to the arrest.
Great work by Officer Johnny Suarez, assisting Patrol Units and STF.
Firearm Seized;
One .45 Caliber Taurus Pistol color black, containing magazine w/ 9 live rounds and one chambered round,
S/N NXH162


Anonymous said...

Great job, HPD. I just hope Pedro or Peter Caviar don't take the credit that you greatly deserve.

Anonymous said...

wow. Don't know how old the child was but imagine a child finding a fully loaded gun? Kids don't stand a chance growing up in neighborhoods where their brothers, uncles, fathers, friends run around with guns.
This insanity has to stop. Kids need a chance.

Anonymous said...

Let's just hope there is no retaliation to the child/family who found the heater. To most readers it is the right thing to do, however, in the hood it might be seen as snitching.