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Saturday, September 12, 2015


I have said it before here and I will repeat myself now. Hartford can not survive another 4 years of the incompetent leadership we have suffered under  Pedro Segarra. I won't go through all the particulars now, but Segarra has been a disaster both leadership wise  and for his lack of vision.

This is primary week in Hartford (be sure to get out and vote this Wednesday) In the meantime, don't leave a Bronin victory to looks good, but it is not over yet. Talk to your neighbors and friends, remind them to get out and vote Wednesday, every vote counts.

Don't let dirty politics and corrupt politicians set the direction of Hartford. Make this primary a landslide of support for change. Make this primary a landslide of support for real progress for the course of Hartford , with realistic goals that make sense for our City. Not more deals that plunge us into unbearable debt for another few decades.

There is not a lot of time left, if you can, take a minute to call the Bronin campaign and see how you can help at 860-598-5853, phone calls, door knocking, poll standing can all make a difference.

Most importantly, get out and vote Wednesday, don't leave it to someone else. And more importantly  VOTE LUKE, Vote row A. Remember  "A" for advancing Hartford forward.


Anonymous said...

I think that Bronin will win the primary by a landslide. I also think that Pedro is going to drag it out until his own bitter demise.


Would you expect anything less from Pedro ?

Anonymous said...

Be very careful, don't take Bronin win for granted. A few of my friends told me they don't need to vote cause Bronin definitely will win. We cannot take anything for granted. We must vote.

Anonymous said...

Segarra is getting hundreds of homeless to register and vote for him. There will be "dead people" voting (their family members who still collect their benefits will vote for them). Segarra is fighting for his political life, he'll do anything, ANYTHING, to win.

Anonymous said...

VOTE LUKE, because he's a better candidate, he's smart, he truly understands Hartford's problems, Luke's the real thing.
VOTE LUKE, because the other candidate will use every trick he can to manipulate and change the primary results.