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Tuesday, March 1, 2016


I don't think I have ever done this before on the blog, actually I know I haven't. A comment that was too long to get sent through the comment section was e-mailed to me. After reading it, the sincerity and the sentiment struck me, so I decided to post it like this.

Dear Kevin

I am a follower of your post and I find it informative as well as a required necessity in a world that all too often slips into corruption. I know officers sometimes complain and voice opinions that the blog should be avoided, but I believe that men and women, especially the cop that walks a narrow and honest beat has nothing to fear from your blog.

Let me start my written rant by admonishing anonymous March 1st 1012 am and posing a question to him or her. You elude to the fact that a man that would pick up a gun is lacking in their manhood. Did you mean literally? or figuratively?
I want to take a second to tell you a quote from John Wayne "Courage is being scared to death, and climbing into the saddle anyway" I want to remind you that every day millions of red blooded Americans both in this country and deployed overseas climb up on that proverbial saddle. A lot of those men and woman are comprised of military and law enforcement.

I am one of those individuals that you carelessly and needlessly hurled stones at with your childish and immature post.No apologies needed, my brothers and sisters have grown used to it. It seems to be the norm of today.

 There's three types of people in this world. SHEEP... the individuals like yourself that believe that nothing can or would ever happen to them. WOLVES... that's the criminal element in society that preys upon sheep like yourself. They are committer's of crimes against their fellow man and I wont mince words when I say they don't care one bit about yourself, your values or your perceived rights that are safe guarded my the next type of person. SHEEPDOGS... I fall into this category. We are the protectors of you and the rest of the sheep. The wolves hate the sheepdog, we stop them from doing whatever they want to the sheep. The sheep don't like us all the time either because we look an awful lot like the wolf. I guess sheepdogs are a necessary evil "If the sheep want to survive" because there is nothing, no law, no sign, no proclamation or public act that's going to stop a wolf. 
I've made a living carrying a gun for the better part of half of my life. I can tell you that the word reassurance doesn't begin to explain the feeling that a man that steps into harms way gets when he holds a firearm in a situation that could result in the loss of human life due to a wolfs actions. I've carried a gun since I was a young boy and learned how to use one out of necessity growing up on my families farm. I learned firearms safety and responsibility at a young age and have turned it into a way of life.
Im disappointed by the fact that I often hear folks that want to strip my gun rights from me say "only cops and the military should have guns." I have to pose the question "what's the difference between me as a cop and a good hearted man guided by a morally correct compass?" The answer is simple... nothing. One day I will retire and now all of the sudden overnight im not to be trusted with the guns I have carried and protected with for the better part of three decades because i'm not a police officer?

Its ridiculous. Im a good man and will always step toe to toe with a bad man to stop something wrong from happening, now and after I retire.
Anonymous at 1012 what is your feeling on innocent people that have stopped violent crimes against themselves or other innocent people? Are you in support of them for having exercised their U.S. CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT in legally obtaining a firearm and defending themselves? or would you rather they were a victim?

Let's be realistic there is nothing, NOTHING your going to do to get criminals to turn in guns. Because we cant disarm the wolf why should we disarm the sheepdogs that CHOOSE not to be sheep? Please remember that the threat of a gun held by good guys across the country is what keeps you safe. In your travels in this country, at home at night in your bed and every where in between.
In closing I want to say how dare you make a comment insinuating that Police Officers need to join your sensible gun laws. your an idiot for insinuating that cops are too stupid to understand which way to vote. WE TOOK AN OATH TO UPHOLD THE CONTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, NOT BREAK IT! A well regulated militia was NOT the military! it was the farmer, the blacksmith the school teacher! The same constitution that stops me from taking your keyboard and throwing it out the window is the constitution that protects my gun rights! It was written into the fabric of our country's heritage to protect the aforementioned people from a government that could possibly strip all of our other rights from us! Do you even know why the revolutionary war was fought?

I still believe everyone should choose to protect themselves and learn how to properly and safely use a firearm. I can list hundreds of circumstances where a firearm has saved a homeowners life. It happened in October of last year right in Hartford during a home invasion!

I cant stop you from living with your head in the sand, I can however tell you that I've sworn an oath to lay down my life if need be to protect yours. No matter how much I dislike your way of thinking I love you as my brother or sister and will always be standing by, waiting for the wolf that's lurking in the shadows.
Respectfully Submitted


Anonymous said...


Good thought provoking commentary today between this "guest" posting and the America's Pride posting. and get well Andrew.

Kozi said...

Sounds an awful lot like a Lt. Col. Dave Grossman fan!! Ooo Rah!!

Anonymous said...

Responding to the post, and I am not the poster who you refer to, but the other one who suggested that up to 65% of gun-related crime in CT is committed by guns that were stolen from legitimate owners. May I pose this question directly to you, officer; If those guns that were stolen were not available in the first place, for whatever reason, would you not extrapolate that gun-related crime would lessen?

So often we think that weapons in the home is the best option to feel a sense of security. But the facts do not bear this out. A gun in the home creates a higher probability of an accident or an intentional self inflicted wound. It is a false sense of security of course unless you are prepared to walk to your front door with a firearm in hand while you open it to great the person standing on the other side.

I am not even calling for a ban on such weapons. I am only relating accumulated data and the paranoia of false security. Insurance should however, be mandatory. If you insure your weapon, you are more likely to place it in a more secure part of your house. You drive a car, you insure it.

As to your proud service record, and thank you for running off to war but you need not do it to protect me. I don't need my country in a constent state of invasion and war. But you prove my point, which is that returning soldiers wanting to relive the glory days of battle, are more likely to continue their fascination with firearms in private life.

Perhaps once the president is able to recommend a scholarly. Liberal candidate to replace the former activist neoconservative Justice, either now or after Clinton becomes president along with a democratic Senate majority, the Supreme Court will once again weigh in favor of safety of all Americans instead if a few industry lobbyists intent on keeping the blood revenue of the gun industry in tact.

Anonymous said...

Really that was your reply? Kevin I'm starting a new movement to protect our u.s. Citizens. I want to target all individuals that have purchased Hooked On Phonics. They immediately will have their useless and dangerous teaching aides confiscated to prevent a proliferation of posts like the one that anonymous at 1055 pm posted.

Anonymous said...

Hey MR LIBERAL!!! Why don't you focus on stopping the criminals that are commiting crimes!!!!!! Instead of trying to tell the law abiding citizen how to act and live their lives!

Anonymous said...

@10:55 and 11:53

You guys sound big and bad like the usual Anonymous bullies that pop up on blogs like rats after smelling gas exhaust being pumped into their tunnel from the other end. I have the RIGHT to speak my mind regardless if you think I don't. Now begone and return to your rat holes. Dinner is eating.

You obviously have no capacity to respond to the facts. Vi via,

Anonymous said...

To the Guest Blogger:

Thank you for expressing your creepy views on society. You know, it is people like you who are self-righteously dangerous. I am not even so convinced that you are a good cop. You don't sound too unbalanced in your profession. But man, you believing that your presence in the world is too protect me. Hey buddy, let me pay for a one way ticket to Arazona. As long as you don't return.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 1130 pm, it saddens me to think that you would wonder if I was a good cop based on the fact that I want to stop bad people from hurting good people. I would be more concerned about your feelings if you spelt Arizona correctly but what the heck, I'm not the best at spelling even when it comes to simple words like states. Even stupid people deserve to live free from the worry of being criminalized.

Obviously you simply are not well read. The "creepy view" you speak of is not my own. The analogy was thought up by Lt. Colonel. Dave Grossman he is an internationally recognized scholar, author, soldier, and speaker who is one of the world’s foremost experts in the field of human aggression. His training seminars are taught internationally to law enforcers including right here in Connecticut.

I'm not all that surprised though, his teachings arn't usually seen at yoga classes, hemp necklace making forums or underwater basket weaving demonstrations.

Kindly post your name so if you are ever in need of help I can respect your wishes and stand by until you are done becoming a statistic. After all respect of other people and their way of life is something I vaule because it's guaranteed by the constitution. I would hate to be the "creepy" cop that helps you out of a dangerous situation.

Anonymous said...


So I'm gonna make you a deal. Don't disparage my spelling and I won't point out your misspelling of "vaule." I gave up Kundalinni Yoga back in the 1970s after my master told me to work harder to get the lower back pain ameliorated. I never wore hemp necklaces only one pucca shell necklace and as for hemp, I only smoked it.

And this deal includes buying you a beer at Nutshell Cafe. Tell me when and wear a hat backward for identity purposes.

Lastly, better to use "spelled" instead of "spelt."

And if you only knew that I would step forward to save your ass if it needed saving.

Dag, I should have saved that tiny bag of pot I found on the street the other day. You might have wanted to MELLOW OUT.

Oh, and lastly, you first. Post your name.

Anonymous said...

Well good sir if you make it whiskey and allow me to buy the second round it's a deal! As far as the marijuana I'll pass, I only smoke captain black. How's thurs or Friday night I always enjoy meeting good people. Especially one that would step into harms way for me. That's worth a solid handshake in this day and age.

Anonymous said...

Just joking about that bag. But I did find one on the street. I threw it out. Thursday sounds good. 8:30 PM. The hat. And anyone else is welcome.