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Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Does it take a National Tragedy like terrorist attacks with  jets crashing into the  Word Trade Center to get us acting like American's once again?  Do you remember after 9/11 the sale and displays of the American flag skyrocketed, the stars and stripes were displayed everywhere. It seems like we were all Americans once again, we were once a gain a civil nation.

The road rage went away, even hearing a car horn blowing in traffic seemed a memory. People were actually courteous, we opened doors for each other. There was a real pride in our nation and the people we called our neighbors. Lowe's.,Home Depot ,many businesses were actually touting the "made in America" banner. You could even get the bumper stickers courtesy of Lowe's

Where did all that go? Have we forgotten what it is to be proud American's?
Even the tone of the Presidential campaign has me wondering where we are headed. Where are the issues and the vision. Instead it is about who has the biggest ears or the craziest hair or who can send the nastiest tweets. Does  that show any leadership?
I started thinking more about this a couple weeks ago when Carrier Corp,  with headquarters here in Connecticut, announced, unceremoniously, to their workers in Indiana that all of their jobs would be moving to Mexico. The reason... profits. I guess we shouldn't be surprised. United Technologies (UTC) moved all of their operations from Hartford's Gold building to the suburbs last year, but at least those jobs are still here and not Mexico.

This is just so wrong. No one should buy Carrier products until it is fixed. This video highlights everything that is wrong with corporate America.

Now I understand business is about profits, but there has to be some loyalty here also. Companies like Carrier, UTC and many other companies never probably would have ever got started if it wasn't for the United States of America. When was the last time you called AT&T, do you think  that called was answered by an American on a p[hone line here in the United States? You would think so because their first name is "American" but guess again. Probably not even close to the US.

I also have to wonder when we start putting our own Country and people first. This isn't about walls or immigration, this is about putting America first.

How can we read everyday about our neighbors losing their jobs when we know those jobs are going to Mexico and being shipped off America's shores? How can we read about Cities like Hartford  about to go broke and unable to hire Police Officers or care for our seniors or mentally ill or veterans that gave so much for our Country We see the projected deficit of the State of Connecticut and wonder how that is going to impact people that call Connecticut, as well as America, home.

 I also  understand that many of our problems when it comes to jobs and Government spending are very much our own doing. We need to get our own house in order also , and stop the reckless spending that has driven taxes up and forced these companies to look elsewhere.

But on the other hand, while our own communities are sucking wind when it comes to finances and jobs, we are sending billions to countries that would just as soon see us wiped out. When are we going to start putting our Country first?

I am not an expert on international policy and I know that stability is important, but what about our stability here?  We aren'\t Fallujah or Khandahar, but are some of our cities that far off? Some days I think the only things missing are the Improvised Explosive Devices, everything else we have, the violence and crime are there.

I only wish our Senator's and Congressmen were as aggressive lobbying for our own cities as they are to push through deals like the Iran Nuclear deal.

If we don't start going in the right direction and take pride in the United States once again, will any of it matter?

In the meantime, maybe we should consider not buying Carrier products or using AT&T  until they start showing American pride once again and bringing those jobs home to American workers


Anonymous said...

Very valid points, we need to start worrying about our own country first. That Carrier video is disgusting

Meniacal laugh said...

Thats why you Brookman and all the american people need to get Donald Trump in the white house. He will fix this corrupt segarra esk nonsense going on.
Vote TRUMP Brookman .


I think at the very least, our career politicians need to be looking at Trump and be trying to figure out why he is resonating with the number of voters that he is. He is not the flash in the pan that everyone predicted and the mainstream hoped for. He is showing that he has staying power. His shoot from the hip style is scary to many,myself included.But I think his opponents know where they stand and we also know where Trump stands. Was anyone even talking about the security of our borders and illegal immigration before Trump? No,They were all afraid to say the wrong thing and lose votes. Trump seems to be saying the wrong things and gaining votes, figure that out. I think there are plenty of voters that want honest talk, forget the sugar coating and the political correctness. I am not sure how that will work on the foreign diplomacy front, but I guess we might see.

Anonymous said...

I am 10:12. My name is Brendan Fitzpatrick and I am a former proud Hartford resident and a former Hartford firefighter(I left that position in shame, but that's for another post). I truly appreciate the well written and thoughtfully articulated post above. I must, however, offer a rebuttal, if only to separate me from the "sheep" you disparage. In the late '80's I was the proud owner of an S&W.44(6 inch barrel), a Beretta .25 flip-up chamber(great gun!), and a Korean-war era .9mm(don't recall the make). My apt was broken into and I came home to a man holding my guns. He levelled the .44 at me(loaded)and I grabbed it and twisted til I heard fingers break. There was no discharge. The intruder fled, I got my guns, and I disposed of them, determined never to put myself in that situation again. Bottom line? I took on a guy with 3 loaded guns, but didn't need one myself. Sheep? I think not.



First off, I am glad it worked out the way it did for you, for several reasons, first and foremost that you weren't a shooting victim or killed with your own weapons, second , that by getting the guns back,that kept three more guns off our streets. part of responsible gun ownership is keeping them secure to keep them from falling into the wrong hands. I know, it was your home and in theory they should be secure in your own house from intruders and scum that have no business in your home but we all know that is not the reality. And gun locks or a gun safe slows down your access to them in an emergency, but it also keeps them from getting into the hands of a criminal, especially when you aren't home.

Anonymous said...

But Kevin, we both know that guns should be locked. And we both know that the multiple gun owner has that one gun under the bed or in the nightstand. Why? I have a (maybe) police officer telling me I'm sheep for wanting cops to have the guns? I'm not anti-gun. I'm anti-idiot. And GENERALLY speaking, intelligent, thoughtful, conscientious people don't need guns...yet. That day may come, but until then aren't there more important worries?Like racism, religious fanaticism, the planet, or how american Indians had never seen a gun til we took all they had(forgot that part, didn't we?) Its a gun. People should be able to have one. Just not everyone.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 1050 pm, I am the police officer that penned that post.

Let me be clear, I want all good, and kind hearted men and woman, not just cops, that are willing to take on the responsibility of safely owning a firearm and learning how to use them to have the legal right to be able to do so.

You point out all gun owners have a gun under the bed or in the night stand. Where do you draw this information from? More specifically what tv show? It's apparent that by the statement you made you don't own a firearm.

Please explain to the readers of the blog and myself why if I choose to legally own a firearm and exercise my constitutional right I'm not intelegent thoughtful or conscientious as you so eloquently stated.

It's hilariously ironic to me that you would bring Indians into the debate that we are having in modern day times. Are you trying to bolster my argument to be armed? As soon as the American Indians that lived throughout this country realized how one sided a fight was against a firearm they armed themselves with any firearms they could get their hands on. If you need a verification of those facts feel free to ask lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer. Him and the rest of his battalion would argue I'm correct. I'm sure you will vehemently state that if they had all just sat down and smoked a peace pipe that none of that would have happened.

I think you and folks like you are confusing the message that I'm trying to get across.

1. I do not want CRIMNALS to own firearms! I support and demand extremely harsh punishments for convicted felons in possession of a firearm. Let's start at ten years without probation or parole.

2. Because it is guarenteed by the constitution of our United States I want law abiding citizens that want to own a firearm to have the legal ability to do so.

3. I want individuals that feel different from me to stop trying to change my rights and the rights of the people that feel like me. I support your right to free speech and freedom of religion, support mine to own firearms. I don't let the responsibility of protecting my family and loved ones or innocent people fall on someone else. And as much as you hate to admit it neither should you.

4. And lastly admit there's bad people in this world! There's always going to be a bad apple in a bushel basket, that's why we sort the bushel! I want the infliction of pain against good people robbery, rape, murder, sexual assault, aggravated assault by bad people to stop! Not slow down, not taper off, stop! If it takes a bullet fired by a good person to get that result then I'm 100% for it!

Anonymous said...

I have just had an ephiany (misspelled) on my anti gun position. I have changed my position and I am now in favor of arming myself to the teeth. I intend to have gun emplacements near my 2nd floor Windows. A granade launcher and bazooka is long overdue. You never know when I could be home invaded. I will have an armed drone circling above my home 24/7. I will by a tank on wheels to get around Hartford. And I have been contemplating taking in a rescue panther for some time. She will serve as my early warning system and probably eat me out of the house but I will feel more secure.

Come on over to the LOB this morning and testify against a cop's right to ask to see my carry permit. The audacity of police to ask me and harass my 2nd amendment right to arm myself like the patriot I was defending Americans throughout the world.

Please visit my new store; "Guns Galore" and on grand opening day, free ammo to the first 50 shoppers.

Anonymous said...


BTW? I hope you are not the cop who left his piece on the seat of his car to run upstairs to an apartment for an all night sex binge. I hope not. Are you?

Anonymous said...

Our 'Pride in being an American' began to disappear when our 'Political Leaders' began the preach concept of devicive politics. If we listen to them, at any given point in time, half of us are irrelevant because we do not share with them their beliefs, values or goals. Democrats, Republicans and Tea Party politicians all promote decisiveness and that may be why wackos like Trump, religious zelots like Cruz and Rubio and socialists like Sanders have found appeal among the disenfranchised electorate.

Anonymous said...


Nope. You are just getting older and Your perspective has changed not political circumstances. As every generation ages, it always fondly looks back to a simpler time. You are not unique in this. But trust me, politics has always been vicious. Try reading about the solution of walking 10 paces then turning and firing to resolve a conflict.

Anonymous said...

Brendan Fitzpatrick again. Now, hold on. You take me to task for mentioning our doing to the American Indians what you don't want done to us. Then you invoke the name of Custer?!? I desire responsible gun ownership. I was once a "sheep dog", but now I'm a man. If you really are a cop, then it's obvious the problems weren't with Rovella. It's ignorance, bigotry, and machismo. And unlike your prior post, this one was poorly written and lacking basic logic. Traits, I'd say, inherent to this day and age's gun owner personality. I.E. not well read and quite ignorant. If you really are an officer, but I hold my idea of officers to a higher standard, then you probably are the guy who left his piece on the seat. Grow b@lls, or grow your career, but, regardless, grow up.

Anonymous said...

Brendan, I hope you know that there are several people commenting here. Stop being so obtuse.your biggest problem is thinking that owning a gun somehow equates with manhood. If this is the case, I suggest that you hand in your guns because you are dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Brendan why did you leave the fire service in disgrace? Why did you store firearms loaded unsecure? Why did you think it was smart to attack somebody holding your loaded gun when you were completely unarmed?

I'm not sure what your point about me bringing up Colonel Custer is? I brought him up only to take part in the story of the Indians you previously brought up. We both agree on the fact that responsibility is a must to gun ownership. What problems are you talking about with chief Rovella? And when you speak of racism, bigotry and machoism are you speaking about the police departmemt??? I hope not I work with some wonderful guys. And I have never left my gun in a motorvehicle

Anonymous said...

Nowhere in your bible does Jesus pack heat or tote a gat.

Anonymous said...

My name is Brendan andvI did hand in my guns, as I said in an earlier post. It was in the late 80's after my apt on School St was broken into. Trigger locks weren't big then and I stupidly thought they were well hidden. I came home as I was being burglarized, disarmed the perp (without a gun. Me, I mean. He had 3 of mine) and promptly got rid of the guns. I was stupid and lucky. I'm not dangerous. I'm an old man who believes in responsible gun ownership. But this "take back your streets" mentality doesn't seem to me to fit that bill. I respect our rights, but it almost seems to me that my right to voice a strong opinion (I call it free speech) that doesn't condone eye for an eye violence is more in danger of being taken away than your gun rights are. I respect guns. Hell, I love guns. But I don't like the idea of angry, veangeful people carrying them. And just as I think my strengths without a gun make me a man, you know as well as I that there are SOME individuals who require a gun to feel the same way. I'm only mildly liberal. But anyone who watches or reads the news maturely has to agree, Americans of all colors need to stop killing Americans of all colors. How else can this be achieved outside of much stricter gun laws. Before you answer please do some research on where most illegal guns on the street come from. Hint: its not black, Spanish, middle Eastern, or Asian gun dealers.

Anonymous said...

Brendan here. I had a substance abuse problem that caused me to f%&# up the best job (with the best co-workers) in the world after 12 great years. Not proud. I regret it every day. But honesty keeps me sober. The robbery took place almost 30 years ago. Trigger locks weren't the thing they are now. I'm guessing you're considerably younger than I. But I do appreciate our dialogues and differences Mr. Brookman so kindly and fairly allows us to share. It is truly American. And it's just easier to reply as anonymous. But it's an integrity thing to state my real name. I wish my former brothers would do the same in their posts, but politically, I understand.

Anonymous said...

And to substantiate and clarify, I was HFD from 1994 to 2006. Worked with some of the finest men and biggest pieces of $%%t I'll ever know. Unfortunately, (and my fault) I let cocaine turn me into one of those pieces of $%%t. But when my former E-5 pump operator tells my ex that the Dept could use a guy like me again and all that was going on(prior to Chief Freeman) in the department, well,that's a sad state of affairs. Glad to know it's in better hands now. Never met Reggie, but Costello trained me and I have respect for him. I saved a life or two because of him. Still, I think Nolan would've gone down in HFD history as a phenomenal chief, just like his and John's father. In regards to the Rovella comment I made: though I live far away on a Milford beach now (it's a girlfriend thing), my heart (and kids) remain in the Hartford area, so I've been a faithful reader of this blog for quite a few years. I think Rovella's done a fine job with what he's been given to work with. I have no disrespect for the HPD I once worked closely with. A great admirer, actually. But the Snoop...oops..Sheep Dogg thing makes me wonder about possible, and I say POSSIBLE, aggression issues that could hinder the forward progression of the city, rather than help it. I might be wrong. I hope I'm wrong. My name is Brendan Fitzpatrick, Sheep Dog. What's yours?

Anonymous said...

Addendum: I said "men" and "brothers", but I worked with Carol Stiles at my first assignment at E-1. A truly badass firefighter, if ever there was one. Congrats on being the first female deputy in Hartford history and for all your guidance and friendship in my time with you.

Anonymous said...

Brendan here. So, looking at times of prior posts I can safely assume mine have been read. If it were a weekend, maybe not, but its Tuesday. There's a movie called '8 Mile', referring to an area of Detroit not too far from where I was born (Pontiac). I hate hip-hop more than anyone (if it doesn't have a musical instrument, then it's not music). But in the climax of this film Eminem admits to being human, weak, scared, and committed to his beliefs. The rapper he was up against, who was all bluster and chest puffing, looks at the floor, intimidated by the honesty and humanity. And Eminem looks at him and drops his microphone. The other guy couldn't handle the fact that admitting weakness makes you strong. I'm dropping my mic, fellas. You won't say your names, wont admit imperfections, won't put a name to the voice, while I post on a site that is read by as many firefighters that hate me as much as like me.
Kevin can ask plenty of HFD personnel about me and he'll hear plenty of good and bad. But I have the b@lls to come forth. How 'bout you guys? (Sound of a mic falling to the floor).

Anonymous said...

Brendan I respect and admire your honesty. I am the cop that has traded thoughtful and sometimes funny, a couple little jabs :) with you.

I can assure you I have no aggression towards your average everyday hard workin city resident. Just bad guys!

Everyday I see good people just tying to make a living in a city that's held back by the shadow of a very small group of people that are fine with commiting crimes against anyone and everyone as a means to get things that they want and don't care to work for. They sir are the "wolf"

I know the concept of the three types of people can sound a little crass but it's simple enough to use in the story I'm trying to tell.

I guess what I want the hardworking folks that live in our city to know is that when they want to take a tough stance against the small groups of thugs in this beautiful city,

the groups of wolves that drive our image as a city into the gutter and make no one ever want to come here, that feed off young kids in schools to get them to join gangs, the groups that sell drugs, steal cars and kill others for nothing. I'm ready to stand by them.

I don't live in Hartford and probably never will. I love the city and call it my own but I have an attachment to a piece of land in another town close by that has been handed down from father to son for over a hundred and twenty years. I want to raise a family there and I guess what bothers me is the fact that if I lived in Hartford I wouldn't want to raise kids there.

A couple of months ago I made a comment about loving my brothers in the fire department, that goes for you too! Sure we may not see eye to eye on all issues but we both took on the heavy task of risking our butts to make the city a better and safer place for the honest men and women that work here. You spoke of an addiction that ended you career early but don't hang your head to low! You went into the fire when everyone else was coming out! I applaud you and your service!

And while I'm at it to ALL of you city employees that work day in and day out to keep the gears of the city turning thank you! It certainly doesn't get said enough.

For my brothers and sisters in blue, hold the line!! And for all the other city workers, fight the good fight! One step closer to a retirement that's well earned.

As much as I would like to post my name I can't because of departmental policy. I'm sorry good sir.

Anonymous said...

Brendan here, Sheep Dog. A fine response to a genuinely thoughtful and insightful exchange of free speech between you and I. You are a gentleman and, unlike so many "Git yer gun, y'all" posts I've read on this fine forum, your views are quite responsible, thought out, and sincere. I truly appreciate intelligent exchange of ideas and viewpoints (its an American thing), so I truly appreciated and enjoyed our volley. Thank you for that.I'm sure if we met we'd have a lot of laughs and probably see eye to eye on more issues than not. I truly thank you for what you do in a town I've watched go from great to something else, thanks to the wolves and corrupt politics. Keep fighting the good fight and know that I admire your commitment, not only to the city, but to your own unwavering viewpoints. More like you could really help in making it a great city again.

Anonymous said...

Brendan again, Mr. Brookman. I thought I was done, but after some reflection I felt I should post an observation that I feel both you and my HPD friend SD might appreciate. I joined the HFD through my own merit. I scored 11th out of a reported 1000 people for the job, coming in behind some of those fine men I mentioned earlier, like Luis Ocasio, Dan Reilly, and Bill Hunt, may his gentle soul be at rest. To come in 11th behind such men is an honor in itself. We all got the job because we earned it. But this brings me to the subject of nepotism and what I'd call "the bloodline" in Hartford. I'm friendly with a few fire and police personnel from Massachusetts and Rhode Island, to towns near me like New Haven, West Haven, Bridgeport. They all agree nepotism is a common practice, but many are amazed at how it works in Hartford. When the Irish introduced the practice into politics it was to provide a qualified and (usually) honorable relative or friend a solid job that, frankly, no one wanted at the time and it was typically in the police or fire service. Hence, the stereotypical Irish firefighter and cop.What's happening in Hartford, though, is a short bloodline. There is just not a large enough gap in bloodlines between the politicians, the people they appoint,and the wolves themselves. So, now the wolves are finding their way into the dog pack or at least getting close enough to get protection from friends and relatives who were hired into positions that could offer protection. You know some of those people on HFD, as well as HPD, that make you wonder "how did he/she get this job"? I assure you that with some digging and perseverance you'll find a relative or contributer who's in good standing with the powers that be. THIS is one of the city's biggest problems. Someone protects their wolf-nephew and now the nephew has power to call in a favor for a wolf-friend, and on it goes. This is a problem that can't be solved with any weapons, but only with awareness, intellect, responsible voting, and taking the REAL offenders (the protectors of the wolves) to task. That being the case allow me to make a joke and say I know Mayor Bronin will be good for the city, but when it comes time to pi$$, I hope he has help with his zipper. Because, no offense Mr. Mayor, you've got your hands full already.

Anonymous said...

To Brendan,
It's a two way street buddy! No thanks needed I enjoy everyday I get to work in the uniform. I do think we would get along, and I'm sure have each other laughing with good stories. I wish you the best good sir!