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Tuesday, March 29, 2016


On Monday, March 28, 2016, at approximately 4:11pm an HPD Officer assigned to the Private Duty Job at the Walmart Shopping Center (495 Flatbush Ave) was alerted by Walmart employees that someone was shooting in the parking lot. The HPD Officer immediately responded to the parking lot where she located the victim suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to his lower torso. EMS was immediately notified. EMS responded and transported the victim to Hartford Hospital where he was listed in critical condition. A crime scene was established and secured by HPD patrol officers. HPD Major Crimes Detectives and HPD Crime Scene detectives arrived and assumed control of the investigation.

On Tuesday morning, March 29, 2016 at approximately 4:00am, the victim, Larry Williams, 34 from New Britain CT, succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced deceased by Dr. Wolffing at Hartford Hospital.

At approximately 7:33pm, the Hartford Police Department was contacted by an individual, later identified as Kenneth Reid 26, of Windsor, who stated that he was involved in the shooting in the Walmart parking lot and that he shot Williams in self-defense during a drug transaction. HPD Patrol officers made contact with Reid in the area of 367 Farmington Avenue in Hartford. HPD Officers located Reid's White Saturn View SUV. Reid alleged to HPD investigators that there was a shotgun inside his Saturn that was used against him by the victim. HPD Officers secured that shotgun.  Reid also directed HPD Officers to the handgun used in the shooting (a 9mm), within his cousin’s apartment at 367 Farmington Avenue. That weapon has also been secured. Reid was also in possession of a have a valid CT firearms permit.

MCD detectives have been working through the night interviewing several witnesses and additional persons of interest that were reportedly involved in the incident. There were numerous pieces of physical evidence located and secured, along with video surveillance of the Walmart parking lot at the time of the shooting.

As a result of the investigation, MCD detectives were able to develop probable cause to arrest and charge Kenneth L. Reid 26 of Windsor CT with one count of Murder 53a-54a. Reid was escorted from Major Crimes to the HPD Booking Facility to be processed for his charges. Reid's bond was set at 1.5 million dollars and he is scheduled to be arraigned in GA14 Hartford Superior Court at 9:30am today.

This investigation is still ongoing. Additional charges and/or arrests are anticipated. If anyone has any information that will assist detectives regarding this case, please call the Hartford Police Department’s Major Crimes Div: Sgt Reggie Early at (860) 757-4248.

Victim: Larry Williams, 34 y/o, of New Britain, CT. Injury: Gunshot wounds to abdomen

Arrested: Kenneth L. Reid, 26 of 70 Grande Avenue Windsor, CT. Charges: Murder 53a-54a  $1.5 Million Bond

Neither suspect nor the victim resides in Hartford, nor do they have any criminal history with HPD. Based on video, all those involved in this incident were not customers nor employees at any of the many businesses located at 495 Flatbush Ave.


BMW said...

Buyin some weed at the local walmart ant nutin that scary these days mon. Brother said self defense and dat is dat.
That brother triped out and actin foolish at a deal.

Anonymous said...

They just released him. Happening now. Judge said no probable cause for murder charge

Anonymous said...

"No Probable Cause" This is how a murderer gets away with murder.


I don't think it is over yet, this is just the beginning. And if I were the suspect, I don't think I would feel too comfortable out on the streets right now. The drug sales business is not a forgiving type of business for many reasons, especially when someone loses over a pound of marijuana to the Police.

Trump 2016 said...

I'm glad our Governor approves of this second chance society. Not only will you be able to sell drugs on the street corners or Hartford, you'll be given a slap on wrist and second chance. That's if you don't become a victim of gun fire just like the Walmart Shooting incident. Hartford definitely has it!!!! Smh

Anonymous said...




let's not make this a racial issue. If the Judge was following the law, that should be clear to anyone knowledgeable in these issues

Anonymous said...


Hey pal, your "second chance" tirade is getting tired. Try using your brain if you have one to use and argue why a person who has paid a debt to society shouldn't be given a second chance. I did things in my early twenties that I am not proud of. Under your draconian simpleton mentality, I shouldn't be given a second chance to lead a productive, prosperous and giving to my community. Ignorant puss head.

Anonymous said...

What color was the judge that let that teenage white kid who killed 4 people while he was drunk an put him on house arrest instead of throwing him in prison ?!!

Anonymous said...

Trump 2016,

The second chance law does not apply to this case and does not apply to violent crimes. Of course if you cared about facts, you probably would probably go by a different name also.

Anonymous said...

It was judge Carl Taylor who let this punk go. What would uou expect?

Anonymous said...

Kevin, "Let's not make it a racial issue" is right. Hopefully Judge Taylor doesn't make it a racial issue himself.

Anonymous said...


What ethnic background gave $16 million to four ex convicts that the state could no longer prove guilt - not innocence. Right. He was white and they were Puerto Rican. So what you are saying is that if by chance, the judge happens to be the same ethnicity as the accused, he must be a backlash reverse racist. You are the racist. Go join the Trump campaign.