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Friday, April 1, 2016


On December 13th, 2015 at approximately 3:09pm, HPD Officer Jill Kidik responded to a home on Mary Shepard Place regarding the report of a one year old child not breathing and unresponsive.  On arrival, Officer Kidik was immediately approached by a frantic woman who carried the one year old toward her. Officer Kidik quickly determined that the child was not breathing and observed that he was cyanotic and that his eyes “rolled” toward the back of his head.  The child was not moving and by all accounts, was fully unconscious and entirely unresponsive.  The officer managed to ascertain that the child had been eating cereal, proceeded to choke and lapsed into unconsciousness.  Efforts to administer CPR and other lifesaving measures by family members of the young boy proved futile.

Without hesitation and fully realizing that time was of the essence, Officer Kidik, alone and without assistance of any emergency personnel, took hold of the youngster and proceeded to employ emergency first aid measures.  After first attempting to clear the child’s mouth of potential obstructions and then administering CPR, Officer Kidik was met without success.  Shortly thereafter, she sat the child up and proceeded with “Heimlich” type maneuvers in the hope that whatever created the breathing obstruction could be dislodged. Officer Kidik did this for approximately one minute.  Then, suddenly, the child began to scream, cough and slowly start to breathe on his own. 

Ambulance and Hartford Fire Department personnel arrived on the scene and transported the child to the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center for evaluation and further treatment.  The child was ultimately admitted to the hospital but is expected to fully recover.

Without a doubt, had Officer Kidik not taken the action that she did, the young child would have certainly not survived.

Officer Kidik’s actions are a to the Hartford Police Department and an example of some of the truly heroic things so many of Hartford’s finest do on a regular basis. Officer Kidik has been presented with the Hartford Police Department’s Lifesaving Award.


Anonymous said...

Congradulations to officer Kidik on her lifesaving actions. Kevin,why no individual heroic lifesaving mentions regarding HFD personnel??? HFD on a "frequent" basis responds to gun shot victims,cardiac arrest,severe bleeds,seizures,respiratory distress, strokes,drug overdoses,car accident entrapments etc. I cant remember any LENGTHY comments from you or city hall spotlighting HFD's worth to its residents ,workers and visitors on a DAILY basis. As AMR and Aetna response times have doubled in the past few years ,those above mentioned factual scenarios would result in deaths were it not for HFD's quick actions upon arrival. If you were to recognize HFD in the same respect as HPD,YOU BETTER GET A BIGGER BANQUET HALL AND ALOT MORE PLAQUES !

Anonymous said...

Excellent work Officer!

Anonymous said...

@1:38 PM: dude, obviously you are employed by HFD, if you have so much wonderful information to share via the comments in all these posts, start a blog and start "opening all our eyes" yourself, work within your department to help the media liasion. Although I guess it's a lot easier to just try to bait someone else into doing the work rather than doing yourself. Is this indicative of the type of employee HFD employ's (of course that is rhetorical, I suspect you're in the minority), negativity is the lazy way out, work a little to raise our view of HFD through positivity. You are clearly part of the problem, try becoming part of the solution.

peter brush said...

Thanks to the entire Department, and congratulations/gratitude to Officer Kidik.

Anonymous said...

Nice job Officer, pretty too.