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Wednesday, May 11, 2016


I don't think the pension figures were related to me correctly for yesterday's post about the pending retirements . In order to clarify that, I have obtained the Hartford Fire Union Contract. The pension calculations are complicated by the number of years of service , buy backs, etc,etc. So here is the contract and you can try to make sense of it by reading it for yourselves. (appendix E on page 62)


peter brush said...
Is There Hope for Hartford?
Connecticut’s capital city teeters on the edge of bankruptcy.
Suzanne Bates
May 11, 2016...

...But a Democratic mayor can apply only so much pressure to public-sector unions in a city where the labor-backed Working Families Party exists as the principal alternative to the Democrats. Three Working Family Party members, along with six Democrats, sit on Hartford’s Court of Common Council. The power of the city’s unions helps explain why employee-compensation costs have gotten so far out of hand.

Anonymous said...

The Nanny State has caught up to reality. Let it fall and burn as Nero Segarra fiddled.

Abe Lincoln said...

The Republicans would be no better if they ran Hartford.

Anonymous said...

Let the Purge begin we have waited for this

peter brush said...

The Republicans would be no better if they ran Hartford.
They certainly could do no worse here in Hartford, but also in Springfield, New Haven, Bridgeport, Newark, Philly, Detroit or Chicago.

There is a sense in which your un-testable assertion is certainly true; the situation in all of our "inner cities" relates to (liberal) State policies and large alienated populations, not to primarily to local politician partisanship, incompetence, or corruption. The State has packed the cities with the poor, and saddled them with governments they simply can't afford. We need to give up the pretense of self-government, and submit our affairs to some sort of non-democratic authority; i.e. a control board.

Bill Katz said...

Peter Brush

There is some value to your seemingly cynical "control board" statement. States error when they go too far to the socialist model. The error when they veer to far to the the lazzie fair (misspelled) model of late 19th century. We error when congressional lobbiests grow tremendously and court so much power and special influence as to shake the very foundations of stability with their demand for greater access to profits under new legislation. Really, this is not new. Industry virtually owned government directly during the 19th century. I might even suggest that our nation is not the perfect model for the world to emulate. It is more like the illegitimate bastard orphan of England. George Washington himself begged his contemporaries to reject partisan political parties. We are spoon-fed concepts of "freedom loving' and patriotism" as if it were another brand of narcotic.

He predicted wisely that this separation into caveman clans of power would come to no good. We choose to two shining examples of our desperation: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Welcome to the nut house. - not White House.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Abe!