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Thursday, May 12, 2016


For a group that is supposedly made up of educators, you would think they would understand the meaning of the word "transparency".

But they don't.

The Hartford School System  apparently think they operate in a bubble., being able to hide behind Federal laws designed to protect student information. They are hiding behind those same laws to protect a predator that was hiding in their midst, possibly for many years and being allowed to hide away by the Administration, being allowed to prey on his victims, unchecked.

The e-mail below is one example of their stonewall tactics when they don't want information to get out. On May 6, 2016 I requested a list of all BOE employees making over $100,000 a year. Anyone that knows public policy and understands public information should know that is information the public has every right to know.

As of this date, a week later, I still have note received the information through the proper channels at the Board of  Education. Luckily , I do have some good sources and when I used my "alternative means", the report was ready for me within 30 minutes.

Now Explain to me why their highly paid spokesperson Pedro Zayas and a highly paid Labor relations/Information Specialist Suhail Aponte couldn't produce the same report I received in less than the half hour it took for me to get it.

What are they hiding? And what else is buried away with their dirty dark little secrets at the BOE.

 From another source , I guess I was the topic of a conversation yesterday in the Superintendent's Office between Jill Cutler Hodgman and Pedro Zayas and they apparently were joking that they didn't have to give me anything and I would eventually go away. I guess we will see about that.


peter brush said...

It may appear as if there are too many Coordinators, Managers, Directors, and Assistant Supers, but the District has to spend the money somehow.
Susan Bransfield, first selectwoman of Portland, said lawmakers should end the municipal minimum budget requirement, which prohibits cities and towns from funding education at a lower level than the previous year.

Anonymous said...

They are hiding cupcakes in the cupboard.

Harshal Patel said...


Will you post the report you received through "alternative means"? Assuming it does not compromise your source.


I already did post it