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Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Due to great efforts by the Hartford Fire Department no serious injuries were sustained in this two alarm aggressive fire on Laurel Street in Hartford tonight.

An extraordinary effort by HFD. Numerous disabled residents and wheel chair bound residents were safely evacuated from the fire building.

you can watch the video on youtube directly by clicking here 


Anonymous said...

How can Bronin screw with these guys? Not many people willing to go into that fire and he wants to cut pay and benefits? Add more hours to their workweek too? Watch that video again and tell me that if that makes sense? Nice job HFD, Shame on you Bronin!

Anonymous said...

Someone should take that little weakling weasle Bronin ,strap him into chair ,tape his eyes open and make him watch that video on a continuous loop for 24 hrs. For those that don't know ,you witnessed what's called an "aggressive interior attack". The Hartford Fire Dept has been doing this this for decades. This type of firefighting has in no doubt saved lives and property. No disrespect to other fire depts across this country but for those that don't know ,this doesn't happen everywhere. I hate to throw this out there but could this type of fire be handled in the same fashion a couple years from now when the "old guys" will not be there to participate in the battle. Politicians have been risking the lives of others for centuries for personal gain,I hope Bronin thinks twice and loses some sleep in the next weeks and months regarding his approach in keeping HFD viable. The path he is on will kill people.

Bill Katz said...
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Anonymous said...

And while 15 pieces of equipment and their crews worked to extinguish this fire and contain it to a few units out of the 70 something in the building, there were only a handful; and sometimes no apparatus left to respond to all the other calls in the city usually covered by 19 pieces. So when Mayor Bronin closes a firehouse or two don't bother calling 911 during the next major fire because there won't be anyone available to help you.